Who said life’s going to be easy? 

There are days when you feel like running off into the darkest corners of a room, where no one can find you. There are days when you need a break from life and just travel the world. Life isn’t a piece of cake and you shouldn’t assume it to be.

One day it seems as if you are on track and everything is going just the way it should. And suddenly, things change course. Out of nowhere, you feel like you are from the starting point all over again. That is a painful moment but know that life is merely testing you by crushing you. Even when it seems really tough to understand, you can make it. Every dog has its day and life is a wireless dog fence. You simply have to break free from that wireless fence (real thing by the way). You will stumble and remember that everyone does in their life. Don’t take it on your nerves and never allow it to overpower you. So here are some ways you can manage to accomplish your goals even when life crushes you down.

Life Goals:

1. Remember Why You Started:

There is a reason why we all start doing something. If you love painting, you know why in the first place you decided to opt for painting. You will have reasons and justifications. Similarly, everyone has a reason to start. Therefore when life crushes you down and it seems as if you will never be able to accomplish what you have dreamt of, remember why you started. Tell yourself that you need to push through the hard times. Keep reminding yourself of all the reasons you had in your mind, in the very beginning.

2. Know that all Times Move On:

They say that the best thing about time is that it moves on. Even your worst day only has 24 hours and it will be gone. When good times don’t stay, know that bad times won’t either. Understand that every problem will end at its specific time and stressing over it might create further issues. Your anxiety won’t kill the issue but will snatch your own peace of mind as well. I try relaxing by telling myself that every bad phase will pass because the good phase did also. And trust me, it helps.

3. Peek into the Future:

When life crashes you down, you hardly feel like doing anything. I can relate to it or I guess everyone can, right? Even when I think that planning “a lot” for the future can be bad, but try doing that. Think about how your future can be better by working on your goals. How your efforts can be fruitful for you in the coming time. Tell yourself that even when life isn’t peaceful at the given time; it will be one day with your struggle and efforts to make it beautifully. If you give up on your purpose of life, you are going to feel useless even more. So don’t call quits for it at all. Predict a little future and hold on to hope.

4. Speak Positivity in your Day:

Thinking positive when everything seems to be going wrong, is tough. It’s like trying to calm down when you are about to drown in a river full of sharks. But trust me when I say that positive thoughts can do so much to you and your life. If you think negative, the situation will simply worsen up. Positivity will help you work for your goals even when life crushes you. So every morning, talk to yourself for a minute or two and speak of positivity and what well happen today if you worked for whatever you wish to achieve.

5. Mediate:

Meditating is not limited to yoga so don’t assume that you are out of this squad. You can meditate by writing a journal, by simply walking or jogging for a while. This will freshen up your mind and you will be able to work in a better manner. Writing helps you to throw all the negativity out on a piece of paper. You are able to wash your mind from the bad thoughts. Similarly, listening to your favorite music revives your mind. Rock helps in boosting your energy a lot. So it is better to listen to something that boosts your mood, resulting in making you work better.


Life is filled with ups and downs. It is you who has to decide whether you have to give in to the hardships or you have to grow out of them. Don’t lose hope and be positive. Gratification helps you hold on to hope in the perfect way. Be content with what you have and work for whatever you want. Understand the fact that the bad times will pass just like the good ones did. Cherish every moment.


  • Usman Saeed

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