Jealousy is an unavoidable emotion in relationships. Even the most tolerant of us may feel jealousy at some point. While there are ways to keep our jealousy under control, there are instances when we are dealing with jealousy from the other side. Below are six ways we can deal with a partner who has been showing a jealous attitude.

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1.    Being honest with them

If we don’t want to seem suspicious to our partner, we shouldn’t act too secretive. Having things out in the open builds trust and removes doubts. If our partner feels jealous, being truthful and honest to them can help greatly.

It is also important to earn and keep their trust. Showing our partners that we have nothing to hide can ease their worries and give them a sense of security.

I like to keep lightness when it comes to communication in my relationship – we always speak about serious things by adding a slight touch of humor.

2.    Opening lines of communication

If we notice our partner being uncomfortable with some of our interactions, it’s best to address it as soon as possible. We need to understand how our relationship with someone, or our behavior in general, displeases them. They may not tell us at first, so the key is to revisit the subject until a solution is in sight.

3.    Boosting their self-esteem

Jealousy stems from low self-esteem. If our partner thinks we may leave them for someone better, we should clear their doubts and lift their confidence. Our partners need to understand that to us, they’re the best in the world. Telling them how we find them attractive and why they’re the best match for us can do wonders for making them feel more secure.

4.    Understanding the core reason for their jealousy

Sometimes, the real reason why a person feels jealous can have deep roots. A past betrayal, family incident, or unfaithful partner can be a bitter experience. It may cause them to lose their ability to trust. Given enough time, though, they may start believing people again. However, they’ll still be fragile and would lose faith easily. We should keep that in mind and look for the core reasons behind their jealousy instead of telling them to “get over it.”

5.    Comforting them

Jealousy can often cause heated arguments. It’s easy to lose temper when someone talks to us in an accusatory tone. However, the situation calls for patience and affection. The underlying reason for our partner’s behavior requires tender loving care from us, and that’s the best way to resolve the issue.

6.    Knowing when enough is enough

Although we may compromise with our partners’ difficult habits, we shouldn’t tolerate it if the behavior turns abusive. Someone inherently insecure and jealous may cross their boundaries and inflict mental or physical torture. There is no need to put up with this kind of dangerous behavior.

For the sake of our mental and physical wellbeing, the best course of action is to get away from such a person. We may even need to get the authorities involved if things tend to turn violent.