Being a teacher is an incredibly difficult job, especially in today’s climate. Teachers are responsible for teaching anywhere from one to hundreds of students a topic or unit. Not only that, but the assessments the students take on any topic are used to assess the effectiveness and competency of the teacher directly. As an administrator or fellow staffer, It’s essential to find ways to encourage and uplift your teachers.

Publicly Praise Teachers

If teachers are shown that they have value and are appreciated, you can naturally set a foundation of motivation. Helping a teacher feel valued is often as simple as seeking them out to say good morning. Make sure you pay attention to what your teachers need and any input they have, and try to honor their request, while publically affirming them for their great ideas.

Budget For Small Gifts

Consider leaving room in the budget for small gifts like gift cards or coffee. Gift receiving is one of the five love languages that also tie directly into the workplace. Show appreciation to your teachers by providing regular and surprise gifts. Many local and chain restaurants will also work with you to provide breakfast or luncheons for your teaching staff.

Offer Professional Development

Offering or encouraging professional development opportunities is a great way to invest in your teachers. This could include events, providing compensation for outside classes, or specialized programs within the district. Keep an eye out for opportunities and make them known to your teachers through a staff email or a meeting.

Give Teachers A Voice

Cultivate an environment where teachers feel comfortable speaking out and speaking up. Try to include your teachers in important decisions, especially ones that directly influence and affect them. Consider implementing “open-door” office hours, when many members of your staff can talk to you. Create a judgment-free zone that allows a place for teachers to be heard.

Being an administrator and leader in your school can be incredibly difficult. Encouraging teachers not only is an excellent way of leadership but provides a harmonious relationship between you and your team.