It seems life has halted in much of the world as the coronavirus runs rampant. Everything from how people work to their social habits is being greatly affected. Currently, the governments of the United States along with many independent institutions are recommending social distancing as an effective tool against the virus. People are being encouraged to stay at home and limit their social interaction to stop the virus from spreading.

In these testing times, parents need to stay vigilant. Although children have proven themselves to be extremely resilient to the virus, they can act as carriers and infect people who are vulnerable to the threat –mostly elders and those with underlying health conditions.

So life cannot go ahead as usual but it must go ahead nonetheless. Easter arrives in less than a month and according to the experts, this crisis can stretch to an unforeseeable future. So as parents plan to celebrate the event, they must be responsible and create a fun and safe experience for their children.

Ways to Have a Fun Easter in Testing Times

Now more than ever, it’s extremely important to celebrate events like Easter. The occasion itself represents hope –something that we could really use in times like these. But this Easter will need to be different than the ones we celebrated in the previous years.

Last year, Americans spent 18.1 billion on Easter. One cannot expect similar numbers this time around. But the festivities should continue as people take all the necessary precautions. Even if you’re implementing social distancing for yourself and your children, there are still ways to have a fun Easter.

Here’s how you can go about it.

Easter Egg Hunting

Great thing about some of the Easter activities is that they can be performed indoors. Parents can hide the basket somewhere in the house and leave clues in plastic eggs that can guide the children towards the reward. If there’s any shortage of eggs in the market due to the ongoing pandemic, parents can use plastic eggs if they already have them or simply use pieces of paper. No matter what forms it takes, this game will make up for good family time.

Hand Washing Competition

This isn’t something that you will normally do on Easter. However, we are way past normal at this point. World Health Organization is recommending a 20 second hand wash to protect people against the infection. There’s no better way for parents to instill this healthy habit into the children by turning it into a game. Demonstrate the recommended hand washing technique to the children and ask them to follow suit. Reward the kids that get it most accurately with candy and have some consolation for other participants as well.

Egg Rolling Race

Egg rolling is an activity that usually takes place outside. So if you’re fortunate enough to have a garden, planning this activity shouldn’t be an issue. Start with some filled plastic eggs or ping pong balls for each racer (wasting actual eggs is not recommended under the current scenario). Outline a race track with multiple lanes and ask all participants to place their eggs at the start of their respective lanes. Each player should then use a wooden spoon to roll the egg down the lane and the first one to cross the finish line is the winner. This activity can take place indoor and you can use a toy car race track in your living room.

Dance Around the House

As the iconic dancer and choreographer Martha Graham puts it, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.” And considering how stressful the entire situation, maybe busting out a few moves is exactly what both parents and children need to take their mind off things. Of course, no one reading this will feel like they need instructions for this activity. But uplifting songs like Sia’s The Greatest and Katy Perry’s Roar should be on the playlist as we could all use a bit of encouragement at this moment.

Have an Honest Discussion

Finally, when the fun and entertainment is over –it’s time to sit your children down and educate them on the whole coronavirus situation. Children must learn why social distancing is important and how their behavior can impact the others around them, especially the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Use this situation as an opportunity to teach your children about compassion and responsibility towards the community.


As the Persian adage goes, this too shall pass. While the situation may seem bleak at this moment, preventive measure and social responsibility can help us get through this crisis. As we try to brave this pandemic, we need to hold on to our traditions and gain strength and courage from them. Easter is an event that allows families to come together can create powerful memories. These memories are important and should be created responsibly.