A company does not need to make millions to incorporate philanthropy into its culture. Regardless of size or revenue, all businesses should be looking for ways to benefit their communities and the larger world. However appealing philanthropy seems, though, figuring out how to incorporate it is sometimes tricky. Here are three ways to make any business philanthropic and boost face value.

Start a Donation Collection

Not all charitable donations have to be cold, hard cash. In fact, the donation of goods and services is oftentimes better. The idea is to create a feeling of unity by giving without expecting anything in return. Depending on the company niche, businesses can offer their services to others in need. For example, a marketing company can offer support for local startups, or a local market can donate food to the local food bank. Your business may even try branching out and holding clothing or food drives to benefit community members.

Go Local

Not every donation is going to be a cardboard check for millions of dollars. Small-scale philanthropy is just as important for businesses to practice. Giving back to the community through fundraisers or walk-a-thons can boost employee engagement while bringing your city or town together for a good cause.

Reach out to Influencers

Today’s social media influencers are a powerful bunch, able to reach millions of people in a matter of seconds. Just look at Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni—her plea to help Italy combat COVID-19 gathered over four million dollars’ worth of donations. Reaching out is simple, but getting influencers on board is what matters. The key is choosing an influencer who has the power to create a buzz, but who also is passionate about the cause already. When it comes to philanthropy, efforts must be genuine.

Create a Passion Project

Just like with influencers, businesses need to be passionate about the cause. Simply donating for the sake of donating or pretending to be interested in philanthropy doesn’t work. Just make sure it’s something that the business and its employees believe in wholeheartedly. Recall CSR, the responsibility of today’s businesses to make the world a better place. Philanthropy is not about making money; it’s about giving back and sharing with others.

This article was also published to DavidDrumheller.net.