One. Breathe

Stop for just a moment and have a slow, deep breath. This will lower your level of stress by kick-starting your rest response, and stabilising your heart-rate and blood pressure level. From the calmer place, it is possible to more efficiently handle challenges and then make better decisions. Build your own happy place anywhere with one breath.

Two. Movement

Take a stroll, even just ten minutes can improve your frame of mind and lower anxiety by releasing those feel-good endorphins and giving a better sense of well-being. Or stretch some part of the body with long, turning motions to get rid of muscle tension, and reduce stress: love those feel-good and do-good hormones.

Three. Music

Enjoy music that uplifts you. Upbeat music has been discovered to give a significant positive effect on emotions as well as energy levels, in addition to boosting the health of the heart and brain. Have a break from ‘The News’, and the pressures of life, and raise your mood with the press of a music button.

Four. Sleep

Do what you are able to get a good night’s sleep to provide the body the very best chance for repair and revitalisation. Try for a surrounding that is darker, quieter plus more comfortable, and go to bed at a regular time. Let go of worries by jotting them down and focus on your breathing while you lie quietly.

Five. Appreciation

Consider the positive things in your daily life, along with the part which you play in them being there. Good things happens because of you, due to what you are about and what you do. You will be making the difference in bringing the positivity into your life plus the lives of others.

Six. Mindful

Take notice of the moment you’re in. Yesterday has been and cannot be changed, and the future is not yet here, and can always be managed with a psychic reading. Develop the skill of focussing on the present moment, accepting how the situation is, and making conscious, positive choices.

Seven. Nature

Head outdoors, look for a tree, or even just sit in front of a pot-plant. Being with nature is actually a tonic for stress and depression, that will do wonders for the immune mechanism: there’s research which shows it lowers concentrations of cortisol and increases health-promoting white blood cells.

Eight. Strengths

Name and use your strengths. Pay attention to what you’re pretty good at, when you feel confident and capable. Intentionally call on those strengths once the going gets tough. Expressing your real character strengths is often a way to empowerment, self-esteem and greater wellness.

Nine. Actions

Do the things you love doing more regularly. Remind yourself of what gives you pleasure and brings you happiness, and then make an effort to add more of that in your life. Schedule time to increase those experiences in new and various ways to a raise your positivity.

Ten. Be Connected

The most powerful of all positivity tips is get in touch with others. Pay attention to your relationships, spend some time to be with others and you’ll be there to support each other person during times of greater need. Remember, It’s people! It’s people! It’s people!

Eleven. Future

A psychic reading to know and understand your future will give you the opportunity to take positive action on your life journey.