Happiness can sometimes be an elusive emotion, even at the best of times. With bills, problems and responsibilities in life, it is all too easy to get swept away in the busyness and seriousness of life. But it is important to work on being happy. Happiness and stressing less has been linked to human longetivity. 

To help you on the road to cultivating happiness, this article will provide a number of things you can do to ensure that your happiness quotient is high and stays that way. We will outline the ways you can achieve higher levels of happiness. 

(1) Maintain a Gratitude Journal 
A gratitude journal is the most helpful diary you could ever keep. At the beginning or end of each day jot down five things in your life today that you are grateful for. Soon you will realise that you have a lot to be happy about. Writing this down reminds you of all that you have, and that you might often overlook. 

(2) Be In Competition With Yourself Only
All too often we compare ourselves and our lives to other people not knowing what is happening in that other person's life. This leads to unhappiness and despondency when we think we do not compare. Do not waste your time comparing yourself to others, rather spend that time working out ways that could make yourself and your own life better. 

(3) Just Start 
Do you have a life goal or project that you want to be working on? So what is stopping you? The best way to get started is to do just that. Start. Stop procrastinating on that life ambition you have and get working on how you can make it a reality. 

(4) Get Organised 
Is your desk messy? Your bedroom? Your study too? It has been shown that clutter and mess can create stress and anger. Take the time out to get organised. Clear your desk of unwanted paper. And your space of unwanted clutter. If you have not worn something in your wardrobe ever or for a long time, give it away to charity. There are 101 ways that you can de-clutter a messy space and get organised in the process. 

(5) Start A Hobby 
Beginning a hobby or taking up a hobby again that used to make you happy is a great way to unwind and relax. Also, if you are able to join a group or class with your hobby, even better. As this will help you meet new people which is a great way to create happiness.