Negative external factors tend to stack on top of each other, which can ultimately lead to serious stress. Therefore, it is necessary to relieve tension from time to time. So, We have compiled the list of ways by which you can quickly relieve the stress and enjoy your life.

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Let’s slow down

Many are trying to be on time everywhere, to do more than they can. Slow down the pace of life! It is wiser to do less, but better than a lot, but bad, and then also worry about it “bad”.

Get busy!

Go for a run, go to the pool, gym. You can replace the set of exercises with a walk. No wonder the word “exercise” is interpreted as a walk to strengthen health.

Breathing deeper

Inhale slowly deeply through your nose. Breathe in your chest and diaphragm at the same time. Exhale through your mouth. Count slowly to 6-8 as you inhale and count to 8-12 as you exhale.


The days spent away from home will help to distract yourself, to look at your problems from the outside. Self-training, meditation – these techniques also promote relaxation.

Get enough sleep

If normal sleep patterns are disrupted by stress, there is a risk of falling into a vicious circle: stress provokes insomnia, and insomnia further increases stress.

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Keep your chin up!

Happiness is rarely achieved when viewed as a goal. Concentrate your attention and feelings on what you are doing; enjoy the work itself, not what it will give in the future.

Help a friend

Don’t focus on your problems – there are many things to do and people worthy of your attention and care. Help the one who is worse than you, and then your problems will not seem insoluble.

It is difficult to offer a universal recipe. How many people, so many, probably, and ways of self-protection from stress. Seek and find. Just do not become isolated on your life’s hardships, do not let despair and anger take over you. 

Self-protection against stress


Keep in mind that stress less often “sticks” to a person who knows how to fool around, or, as they say, “play the fool”, so more often “play the fool”, for example, at the home box with an imaginary opponent, make a face in front of the mirror. Put on something extravagant, play with your little brother or sister’s toy … But you never know what you can think of!


Listen to your inner voice often. He can tell you what activities to avoid to prevent stress.

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From time to time, bring something new into your life: rearrange the furniture in the apartment, change the hairstyle, go to school for others route … Then stress will “stick” to you less often.


For those who believe in God, prayer or church attendance can help prevent or relieve stress. Everything there – from icons with blissful faces of saints to the smell of incense – helps to find peace in the soul.

Up the stairs

Climbing stairs is a good physical activity that helps relieve nervous tension. Sometimes it is enough to go up to the 4-5th floor to take it off.

“Enter” the painting

Stress can be relieved by exhibiting paintings (or by looking at an album with good reproductions). Choose a painting that you like. Consider it carefully, not missing a single detail, and then try to “enter” it.

Mozart’s music

The sadness in Mozart’s music is specific. She is always with a glimmer of hope.


Drawing on paper little men, devils, curlicues is done not only by children but also by adults. It helps relieve nervous tension.


In any game, both losing and winning is a stressor. Therefore, it is better to relieve stress by playing a game that does not provide for either loss or gain, for example, by folding a picture from its fragments.

Crossword or chess

Racking his head over a chess problem or looking for words for a crossword puzzle, a person is distracted from what worries him.


Dart throwing provides an opportunity to relieve stress by playing alone without losing or winning.


Rolling white balls on green cloth calm the nerves.


Playing solitaire is a great way to relieve nervous tension.

Active points

One of the biologically active points, pressure on which calms the nerves, is located in the centre of the lower part of the chin, the other is on the back of the right and left hands between the thumb and forefinger, and closer to the index finger. Press on both one and the other point with the tip of the thumb with oscillatory movements, first slightly, then more strongly (until mild pain appears) for at least 3 minutes.


When you’re in a bad mood, go to a hairdresser. A visit to a hairdresser has a calming effect on the psyche, especially a woman’s.


Water has a calming effect on the nervous system. The shower quickly “washes away” stress.


Nervous tension can be relieved in the steam room with a broom and twigs made from birch, oak or linden leaves. Their aroma, according to experts, soothes the NS.


In a difficult stressful situation, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, you can cry. Tears reduce the level of nervous tension.


It will help you to assess the situation differently, to look at yourself and your behaviour differently, to switch from negative to positive emotions, and to find a way out faster.

Ball in the aquarium

Frustrated nerves can be calmed by watching the silent, graceful dance of smart fish in your home aquarium.

Bonfire fire

The fire of a fire made on a riverbank, in a forest glade or in a fireplace has a calming effect on the NS. Watching the bizarre play of flames, you forget about troubles.


Swinging on a swing, especially in a secluded place, is relaxing. The swing can be replaced with a rocking chair.