Climate change is real but not impossible to reverse. There are many doable steps that one can take to save Mother Nature from the ever-changing climatic conditions.

The foremost step in protecting our planet from global warming is to change our mindsets and use our power to influence people who are unaware of the adverse effects of their activities on the environment. For example, businesses, no matter small or big, can really influence the world and can make an impact if they change the way they operate to cut their carbon footprint. However, the problem is that many businesses have heard the buzz word ‘carbon footprint’ or ‘global warming’ but don’t exactly know what it is and what they can do about it. So, let’s first describe what carbon footprint means.

Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the actions and activities of a particular individual, business, or community. The more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, the worse the earth’s climate becomes. This is because CO2 is a natural greenhouse gas. An increase in the amount of CO2 increases greenhouse gases that trap additional heat. This trapped heat leads to global warming that results in melting ice caps, rising ocean levels, and greater pollution.

Many changes, however, can be made on an individual and community level to decrease the amount of CO2 in the environment. Some of these changes a business can make our;

Switch to Renewable Energy

Switching to renewable forms of energy like solar panels to operate your day to day tasks in the organization is the quickest way to reduce your carbon footprint. In addition to using solar panels and solar power system equipment, you can switch your business entirely on a 100% renewable energy plan. Even introducing off-grid solar lighting systems at your office can help lower your power usage and provide a green alternative to the traditional lights.

In Canada, there are a few reliable renewable energy providers with different types of green energy plans. Contact with a reliable renewable energy contractor for complete residential or commercial energy needs.

Reduce Your Emissions from Road and Air Travel

Choosing to move efficiently can significantly impact the carbon emissions of your organization. For example, companies are now choosing to travel less for business by using popular cloud platforms for video communication and virtual meetings. This has saved companies millions of dollars spent every year on overseas and domestic business trips. It has also significantly reduced the associated carbon emissions.

Similarly, organizations can teach their employees eco-driving techniques with which they can save fuel and reduce emissions.

Encourage Eco-Friendly Ways Around the Office

Encouraging eco-friendly ways around the office is the simplest yet most effective way by which you can reduce your carbon emissions.

Organizations can quickly make headlines if they are trying to become more socially responsible. For example, it was greatly appreciated when Starbucks pledged to eliminate the use of plastic straws from its franchises. Similarly, some of the ways your organization can take the initiative to create a more environmentally conscious company culture are;

  1. Implement a recycling program and encourage the recycling of even appliances such as computer screens, mobile devices, etc.
  2. Conserve energy within the office using LED lights and solar panels, or some other form of renewable energy.
  3. Go paperless and use digital and cloud computing solutions.
  4. Allow your employees to work from home.
  5. Encourage sustainable transportation and provide subsidies to employees who do so.
  6. Invest in office plants as they will help reduce indoor pollutants and even inhale a fraction of CO2 released from the office. This can make a huge impact in reducing the overall carbon emissions.