The Corona-virus pandemic has impacted the whole world in several ways, and all industries and world economies continue receiving a massive blow from the stress of the impact. With the search for vaccines and viable solutions still in trial stages, the whole world is beginning to shift from the standpoint of pausing the world to find a cure and learning to live with the virus.

This is understandingly a scary prospect for people and has caused concern and anxiety for people, including myself. Months ago, when I was confronted with the reality that there might not be a quick cure, I was terrified and in denial. However, as most of the world is easing the lockdown and proposing strict ways to protect oneself to avoid contracting the virus, it has become apparent that we might just have to suck it up and live with it until there can be a cure.

However, we have to take care of ourselves mentally just as we are doing so physically by taking precautions for us to live through this successfully. Here are some well-being and mental health tips to help us continue looking after ourselves and staying in a positive space of mind as we learn to live with the virus and hope for a cure as soon as;

1.      Inspire and motivate yourself with Inspirational Messages

Inspirational messages, articles, quotes, and phrases are always great positive food for the soul, emotions, and mental well-being. It helps to shift your energy from a negative or indifferent place to a more positive and energy-boosting space, which is excellent for productivity and generally good mental health.

In times of crisis, like we are currently experiencing with COVID, inspirational and motivational messages, and memorable words of wisdom that were first said and written to help us through difficult times like this can resonate very much with our situation, giving us a new perspective or energizing insight. When you are feeling fearful or stressing about the current world situation, it is very much advised that you take a step back and reflect with positive messages to turn your energy around. You can find great messages that resonate with you and uplift your mood; jot them down, keep them by your bedside, or stick them to your desk or mirror so you can read them to remind yourself to be great. This works like food for your soul and, in turn, feeds your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being in a positive way.

2.      Resetting your goals to align with the present reality

You have to reset your goals or plans to align with the reality we have to live in; a lot of people have lost their jobs, plans, and even businesses due to the pandemic’s impact. To adjust to the present realities, the previous plans you made for your life have to be revisited and reviewed to accommodate the current realities of the world. 

Rigidly sticking to the previous plan could be counterproductive and a waste of your time. Even countries are reviewing their legislative agendas, budgetary plans, goals, and objectives to reflect the new reality that the COVID brought on us.

Businesses have to re-strategize to accommodate the new requirements for trading or carrying on business in a world with COVID. That is the reason you have to reset your goals or review plans on achieving them.

3.      Limit your Media exposure

I found this to be very useful for my family. Living with my grand mum, she would get overtly worked-up and stressed out with the constant Covid-19 updates and forecasts on the news. When I noticed this was beginning to take a toll on her, I had to stop tuning in to the news. Instead, we started watching more cooking, reality, and comedy shows. This helped a lot, and she commented on how she feels so much better not having to worry about the bleak reportage about COVID all the time.

I also felt better because I was not staying up at night thinking about the news I heard or worrying about how much more people in my area are getting infected. We are taking strict precautions, but we have significantly limited the bad news for our mental health.

4.      Connect with Family and Friends

Even though personal interactions and visits are still significantly limited as a precaution, you can reach out to family and friends on the phone, through messages, etc. Interact and reassure each other on the situation of things, taking precautions, and just connecting on a mentally positive level.

With the limited movements and interactions, you can do several interesting and positive activities to keep your mental health in a great space during these trying times. They include taking up hobbies like painting, or even exercises, relaxing, meditating, doing good deeds, helping people, writing, reading, and lots more. Also, remember to eat nutritious foods that boost the immune system, keep yourself hydrated, and follow WHO Guidelines on protecting yourself.