Animal lovers often want to find ways to do more for the pets they adore. Many charities exist worldwide that help to feed, support, and find homes for animals, but a great place to start is close to home. When people improve the lives of the pets in their community, they get to see the benefits of their time and effort firsthand.

Keep Them Fed

Donate time or money to a food pantry for pets. Many communities offer this type of service for pet owners who struggle to give their beloved animals the nutritious food they need. If no pet pantries exist, consider opening one. Another option is to speak to the organizers of a local food pantry for human residents to see if they would include a few shelves of pet food. Fundraise or operate a bottle drive to buy food or talk to local retailers to see if they would sponsor the effort with a pet food donation.

Find Them Shelter

Help a local animal shelter through fundraising or as a volunteer. If the community does not have a shelter, start one. Check zoning regulations to find out what rules may apply to kennels in the area. Convert a barn or garage into a small shelter or organize a team of foster parents. Visit kill shelters and rescue animals that have nearly exceeded their time. Start social media pages for the shelter or rescue service to draw attention from the community.

Start Online Campaigns

Many organizations receive a substantial amount of donations through online fundraising efforts from supporters of their group. Choose a local rescue to support or draw attention to national organizations. The ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) offers tools and suggestions on their website for online fundraising.

People can make an amazing difference in the animals’ quality of life in their community with a little effort. It is unnecessary to have a pet to become the hero in the life of an animal in need. The work can also improve people’s lives, as they gain assistance in their pets’ care during tough times or when they find their new best friend through a local rescue.