The word “Essential” is being written and said every day in relation to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The dictionary noun definition of this word is: A thing that is necessary and important.

What does that mean to you?

Taking advantage of this quiet isolation home time and looking deeper inside, may be the shift we have needed to rediscover our passion, purpose and essential human being.  

The “thing” is, we all make a difference in our world if we choose to. We are all necessary and important to raise humanity and be the change during a time of challenge and uncertainty. How we show up for each other and on this planet is who we are, and we are necessary for the positive reset of our society and communities.  We are learning more every day from each other and this new knowledge is useful and necessary. However, what is even more important is knowing ourselves and sharing the wisdom, talents and truth that makes us unique, and taking action to create, inspire, teach, shift, and uplift our world…one person at a time, one day at a time. This is my personal intent and what I am dedicating to and putting attention on.

What is truly essential in my opinion, is that we ALL rise to our greatness and leadership. It all begins within us to rewrite the to do’s and make a new check list that includes: all levels of Better Health, Sustainable Environment, Spirituality, Compassion, Love and Uplifting Humanity.

Sharing one of my quotes by Lao Tzu: Knowing others is knowledge, knowing yourself is wisdom.


  • Rose Tafoya


    Rose Tafoya is a highly motivated entrepreneur, author and connector. She is the Founder of GeniusETC and is an Entrepreneurs Institute Certified Entrepreneur Mentor & City Leader for South Lake Tahoe. In her journey she has over Thirty years’ experience in all aspects of new business development, sales, event and project coordination, marketing, executive team building management, communication, and networking. Her extensive experience includes fundraising and event programming for non-profit and for profit organizations. She has created, programmed, and implemented many fund raising, trade show, community, and career expo events. She contributed her expertise, support, and energy to the California Women’s Conference as Director of Programming, and contributes to Huffington Post and Thrive Global. Rose’s marketing and communication education has leaded her towards transformation workshop facilitation, public speaking, product building, and novel writing. Her passion for motivating youth prompted the development and production of Tigercamp- a character education youth camp and, a transformation service company specializing in helping youth and adults achieve success by providing geniusETC EDventures locally and abroad and providing Entrepreneur Socials and experiences in South Lake Tahoe and globally. All these services and products promote personal and business acceleration, confidence, clarity, brilliance, and living life with passion, purpose, and natural flow. Rose loves helping others discover their talent and guiding them towards their pathway that is filled with fun, purpose, love, and peace. You will often hear her say, “Showing up never lets me down.” She knows from experience that showing up is the first step in creating a brilliant journey.