There is no greater time than the present moment to return inward to the first home we ever knew. Our Soul. To reconnect to our greatest built in coping mechanism. The Holy breath. This breath, is the bridge to the mind and the body. The key to mindfulness. It is the Birthplace of Creation from within. The Source of All That Is. The wellspring of love that never runs dry.

Within this life force, each inhale and exhale provides a space between our thoughts. Thoughts that could drive us closer to fear, (disconnecting us from our bodies & each other) or reconnecting us to Love which unites us all. One of these will result in calm, creative, inspired action. The other, emotionally chaotic fearful re-action.

In the midst of this pandemic, if there is one single thing we want to consider exploring, it is the intimate relationship to our own internal world. Perhaps, by spending time in that space, daily, even for a moment, we will soon remember what our souls have always known but our minds have forgotten about.

That this breath is the medicine. It always has been and it always will be. We are the cure. But we have to be able to sit and process the discomfort of the emotional energy that rises to the surface while we are in that space of stillness. Running from these feelings, from ourselves & from each other will only cause more separation and dis-ease. Which means, functioning from a disconnected programming of the mind, further severing the very thing we are all wired for. Human connection.

We must rally support & utilize techniques that can allow us to ease back into the embodiment of our spirits, rather than searching for the solutions that provide only temporary relief but cause long term damage.

We must FEEL it, to HEAL it.
We must breathe & release, to access peace.

Let us be still together.
Let us turn inward together.
Let us Breathe in unison.
Let us take care of each other,
by taking care of ourselves.

We are being called as a collective to become conscious of the Source that is good within ALL of us, so that we can spread this love outside of us. Reconnecting humanity and to strengthen our life force.
YOU are one breath away from creating a ripple effect of positive change that will greatly impact a world in desperate need of this communion.

We are ALL one, woven together, with love.

As we heal ourselves individually, then collectively we can illuminate the world.