We are what we believe! This statement has been given so much recognition in mindful practices. To understand the level of manifestation of individual thought and the impact that it can make in one’s life. 

Let’s examine for a minute. A thought generated, be it negative or positive… How does this impact you? Where does this energy take you? actions, reactions, outcomes.

Most of our limitations are self-imposed. If one understands that there is enough conflict in this world, why would one want to add further challenges by persistently co-signing on energetically draining activities, relationships, ongoing diets that do not work and so on. 

In my experience, I have applied this theory of thought –  if you are in a situation that is already limiting try not to add any barriers that could further hinder your ability to succeed. The moment of truth is a moment you cannot miss, in that moment a seed is planted, a thought is generated, make it positive. It is our natural instinct; to grow, to experience, to survive. In that space and time we have a choice to nurture the mind and build strength of a conquerer not the conquered. 

In this moment…

Make a mindful connection to the world around you to activate the connections that matter, the path of work-life that educates and empowers your growth. The truth behind healthy living is enhancing the health that begins within the mind. Let go of thoughts that no longer serve you, empower the light being in you to evaluate a constant cycle of renewal to be the strength of all you are and all you are here to be in this classroom of life.

“The heart of true healing is a seed planted within, were self-honesty is the highest form of compassion” 


  • Shenase Karrim

    Management Consultant & The Wellness Analyst

    Shenase is a South-African American, a life-long learner who believes in education, empowerment training, neuroscience and yoga, with an emphasis on well-being into the human value footprint, which she teaches in her ISHTA Yoga classes and MAAP Life workshops. An experienced professional in project management; she enjoys cyber security, data and policy governance. "I dedicate my life to expanding knowledge and sharing concepts in the healing power of integrative practices towards self-care, human performance, and well-being.  Living by listening to your truth, the rest is noise and it will pass, some are side-effects of choices, either way, they are lessons and pondering on the uncontrollable is not living." Image credits: Mr Soho, a special & talented individual. Thank you for understanding my mission and providing me with inspiration to send a message for the greater good.