1. We haven’t been taught to hire a coach.

Or invest in ourselves

Unless we NEED desperate help

2. We are doing OK by ourselves, and OK is enough

We should be able to fix ourselves

Even though we see the value of hiring a coach for our bodies

3. We don’t know what coaching is, and if it will help us

The unknown is scary, our brain wants to avoid it

Even if that means staying stuck

4. There are short term temporary fixes that are easier

Netflix, scrolling online, online shopping, travel to escape, alcohol, food…

Knowing they don’t really help

5. We are afraid we’re the special ones

With something seriously wrong with us

The ones that this won’t work for

So we keep quiet, and keep in our brain, believing this more and more with every day that goes by

6. People will judge us

Even though they are too busy thinking about themselves

And when they see the growth in you, you will inspire them

7. We are too busy

Trying to do all the things all the time

We don’t know how much time we will save until we have done it

These are the reasons we don’t hire a coach.

These are the reasons we don’t get unstuck

These are the reasons we don’t get sh”t done

We dig our heels in to what isn’t working and tire ourselves out

The question is, are you more attached to these stories in your brain or the future you REALLY want?

I invested in coaching, and continue to invest in coaching.

Now I live my purpose, being the most successful I have ever been, working less hours, deciding my own schedule.

I am married to my best friend, and feel more connected to my friends all over the world even though we speak less, I have the best relationship with my family (even when we all lived under one roof!)

I stopped smoking, drinking coffee and relying on alcohol to have fun.

I built a daily yoga and meditation practice, drink more water and became an organized person.

I am already living my dream and now my dreams just get to grow.

I am not unique — this happens to my clients again and again.

Was it worth challenging my story about coaching?


Imagine what is possible for you.

If you want to take that first step towards it, let’s talk. Click and schedule your very own coaching consultation call and find out more.