We Hide Behind Our Own BS Stories Because Fear …

I think about this a lot, and people will say to me, ‘this is just a story I made up, it’s not necessarily true.’

Yet we make up stories to keep ourselves from moving forward, we project ideas onto situations that we’ve decided are true. We become masters of our own self sabotage. Why? Because these stories are protecting us, or at one point were serving us as survival techniques.

I”m sure you can think of several examples of these, I know I can. One story I created years ago is: ‘I am a very private person.’This story was the answer to almost everything, a brilliant avoidance technique. What is this really about?

I’d love for you to think for a few minutes about some of your story shields you use or did use. Now dig deep into the words you chose, and thoughts you imagined as you repeated this over the years.

How true is it? Not very, I bet. We bullshit ourselves and others to play safe, and these stories can work for us for YEARS. As I gather all of my ideas and data for my book, I create new self defeating stories, like …

‘What do I think I’m doing? I’ve NEVER written a real book before, will I have to travel and try public speaking, I can’t.’ This tape is on repeat for me some days to the point where I accomplish nothing, I mean zip. I’m writing a book, and this is a very real story. Secondly, I’m including an entire third-ish part of how sharing our stories is giving to othes and ourselves.

So let’s get started on these. First, please send me a story you feel will impact and help others, and Second: Please send me a BS story or two you tell yourself and others to perpetuate the cage you keep yourself in. Thanks!

Lots of love