Many psychoanalysts/psychologists like Freud, Adler, Jung etc developed therapies based on a common understanding that our thoughts, beliefs and behaviour are influenced by our upbringing, past experiences and our social environment and culture. Humans are complex social beings  and can’t be isolated from the environment we thrive upon.

We arrive on the Earth – the physical plane as pure consciousness- innocent and joyful. And sooner rather than later,  adapt to the traditions, patterns, beliefs in order to blend in. We are trained to believe by our well meaning people that the easiest way to fit in is to abide by the rules, meet expectations and go by the book/rules. From the beginning, we are directed on how to not only survive physically but also emotionally. In this process the caregivers  appear to us to be incharges of our lives and we buy that idea as we are still learning. We experience life through them for several years.

And as we develop our cognitive abilities, we desire to explore the world with our glasses on and on our own terms. But most often, we are either being invalidated or asked to change the perspective. No one told us that there could be million perspectives to any experience.

This reminds me of the short story quoted by Ramdass:

Two people were on a long drive passing through deserted places. The driver felt there was something wrong with the car and wanted to see the mechanic. The person accompanying was starving and wishing to have food. Now, they pass through this town looking at the marketplace. What do you think the driver was seeking? And what would the other person be looking for? We know the answer! Right!

Same is  the human experience, we all are on a journey. And we look at the things from our perspective but when one is told the other way around- we either get confused and try to fight back with ripple effects of low self esteem, anger, rage, violence, depression, addictions and so on.       

Next time, when you are hear someone loathing their ideas on you:

✨Know that you don’t have to explain and be validated by others.

✨Each one perceives the world with their own coloured glasses and that is OK.

✨It’s pointless to prove you are right as there are million versions existing at the same time.

✨Your viewpoint matters but doesn’t need to feel right for others.

✨If you are aware of what feels right for you, it doesn’t matter if and how many people support you.

✨Your experiences are different from others hence different perception.  

✨Respects others’ viewpoint as perspective is a choice and can vary.

Wish you all the love and wonderful things in your life.