The various musical genres that range from rap to classical music in various generations have had a lasting impact on their respective generations of young minds. It has become both the voice of the people and has become a huge part of the changing perspectives about social issues in this era of developments. Ayush Kumar believes that the various cultural emergence and activism has made a big change in the music industry on a large way. It has become a field for entertainment as well as a way to express your opinions and spread it among the masses.

When we support others, people notice and are more likely to help us out when we need it too. When you are kind and helpful, good things happen. Not only does helping others feel good and help us build a community spirit, it encourages others to support us in return he said.

People are more likely to get joy from helping others if they are free to choose if and when they want to help, they feel connected to the people they’re helping, and they can see how they are making a difference, the report stated.

One of the greatest responsibilities we have is to support ourselves and others in living at our highest and best. Whether we’re parents, partners, friends, or leaders, it’s our solemn duty as humans to help others live as close to their unique potential. With everything we say and do, we’re influencing — positively or negatively — the people we care about. The ideal is to do this with consideration and intention.

We all suffer individual challenges and setbacks, but in serving others (perhaps those with greater setbacks than our own) we reconnect to the shared human experience. We realize that healing isn’t a personal gift from heaven but something that we all need and can approach with humility and love he quoted.