WEAL is a framework I use with clients as a helpful reference in guiding them towards the successful execution of personal goals such as starting a new business, making a new career move and other important life projects. I explain the WEAL framework in more detail in my latest podcast episode here. The WEAL components are below.

  • Why – It is important to be fully connected with the reason for your goal or aspiration. If not, where will the drive and motivation to succeed come from?
  • Emotional Intelligence – Be aware and respond to the value you and others bring to the execution of the goal.
  • Accountability – Put effective measures in place to actively monitor and review progress so that success is achieved. An accountability partner in the form of a mentor, peer, coach or other can positively impact on one’s ability to successfully execute on personal goals from a motivating and non-judgmental perspective. 
  • Lifestyle – It is key to mitigate against unintended consequences such as disengagement, withdrawal and burnout.

With all the distractions around as as we try to get things done and slay our own lanes, having a simple guide to keep us on track and in-tune with the important things in life matters.


  • Flora Omosevwerha

    Life Career Coach l Conflict Mediator l Facilitator

    Headway Point Services

    Flora is a personal and career development coach, training facilitator, a workplace conflict mediator and people management strategist.  She is the host of ‘Time-With-Flora’ talk show and podcast platforms where she facilitates career and life story conversations that inspire and educate listeners. She has over 20 years career experience in people leadership and group/team working within the sectors of telecommunications, retail, marketing and public services. Flora holds an MBA and executive coaching certification from Henley Business School (UK) and is qualified mediator from the Institute of Chartered Mediators & Conciliators, ICMC (Nigeria).