Temporary Courier: from resentful to grateful

By early summer, 2000, I was feeling wretched. I was wracked with anxiety and depression. My therapist had convinced me that many of my concerns were unfounded. Still, I easily spiraled downward. On one of the days we met, she recommended medication, seeing as we’d exhausted talk therapies. Oddly enough, I instantly concurred. Maybe it was mental telepathy, but on prior to that day’s appointment, I secured medication from my physician.

After three weeks of subtle improvement, I was 150% better, calmer, brighter. My therapist commented that my eyes had life in them again. I felt that I had a new lease on life. There was a fill-in job that I occasionally was asked to do at work. It was to drive the bank van around to our four branches. During my unwell days, I was resentful and bitter. My attitude and I lost perspective. Did they think I had nothing better to do with my time? Were my hours less valuable than other employees? Not at all, they knew I could be trusted to get the job done in a timely manner.

Once my anxiety and depression were being well-managed, my view of the courier job changed drastically. I looked at it as a gift! A vacation from the office! Good coffee, good music, and a morning and afternoon drive. How great is that? One day, while between bank pick-ups, I thought about a woman, Karyn Buxman, who’d spoken at a bank training one time years before. She lived only 20 minutes away so I randomly called her. I asked Karyn to meet me for lunch and thought it would be fun to reconnect. I told her I had some ideas to bounce off of her. (I really did not, but it sounded good!)

We met soon after that and it was delightful! She told me about her co-founded organization, The World Laughter Tour, Inc., and invited me to their upcoming workshop. I became one of the first 70 certified laughter leaders in the world! (Laughter therapist, if you will.) From there, I took my new skills to the Lions Club, Moose, Elks and the entire animal circuit of service clubs in our community! I wrapped the laughter skills in a keynote format. My basic message was to help people remember how and why to laugh again. I got paid to do a training session at local companies. I remember celebrating the first trip which was two hours away and my expenses were covered!

I ended up getting to speak in all directions of the US, and once in Cancun, Mexico. (Then I was an international speaker, wink, wink!) It did this for twenty wonderful years. Then the pandemic moved in and live conferences ceased and moved to virtual presentations. I don’t know if I’ll ever get hired to speak at a live venue again, but if I don’t, it was a good run. I called Karyn last week and told her that I’d just attended a Gratitude workshop and wanted to call her and thank her for being open to lunch many years ago!

Bobbe White, Try Laughter! Inc.


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