A former co-worker called me yesterday to wish me happy birthday. We’ve worked together since 1989 and have been through a lot of changes-high points and low points over the years. He is one of the funniest and most quick-witted humans I know. Since retiring 12/31/2020, we occasionally talk, text, or visit. Yesterday he asked if I was happy in retirement mode. I assured him it’s pretty great. He proceeded to tell me how much of a void I’ve left since retiring from the bank after forty years. I laughed. He got serious and gave me examples of my value to the bank. I mentioned how I’d begun to feel irrelevant the last few years. He assured me that I was the face of the bank–the most recognizable employee ever. It made me feel wonderfully appreciated! It occurred to me how we undervalue ourselves and how difficult it is to have perspective about your own situation. I am grateful to have this type of support. It’s still hard for me to believe everything he showered on me, but it did make for a very happy birthday!

Bobbe White, Quincy IL

Retired Banker, Author, Professional Speaker