After giving birth, women will find that they have gained some weight due to the amounts of food that they have been taking through the pregnancy. The weight can have low self esteem effect on you and you really need to do something lest you find yourself in a situation I was in after giving birth to my first born son.

Over pregnancy, we want to eat and feed our cravings little knowing how adverse this can get on us and how difficult it will be to lose the weight. Personally, I used to pester my husband telling him that I wanted candy, other times it would be chocolate,ice cream and any other sweet things that you can imagine. I was the perfect foodie who would binge on all things unhealthy and fatty. So after delivery, I found out that I had gained about 13kgs and there was no way that I would get back to work that way. I had to seriously lose the weight. I wanted to fit in my perfect dresses and look the part in parties just as I used to do when I was just a little unmarried girl.

Accept who you are and schedule fitness sessions

The first thing you have to do is accept where you are and who you are. Accept what brought you where you are and look to start losing that weight.Once you have accepted who you are, schedule to start going to the gym as well as doing fitness exercises to get you lean and shapely as you were sometimes back.

Eat lean, exercise hard

Weight gain is contributed by what you eat. You therefore need to eat lean and exercise hard such that you gain less but lose more so as to see substantial benefits.

Go for a detox

Detox helps in cleaning up the toxins in your body. It cleans up all the unhealthy fats in your system and even any drugs that you might have been taking. The best detox pills for drugs test will for example remove all traces of crack, alcohol in your system so that the test shows negative for drugs.

Find accountability partners

You need to find accountability partners who are with you all the way and enocurage you always to take the bold step in weight loss.