Your best day ever is not about having lavish things or riding the cloud of perfection. Experiencing the best day ever is all about finding contentment in the moment at hand, and finding ways to improve or elevate your daily experience. The Great Book (Bible) says if one does not work they don’t eat. This is true. It takes work to achieve quality of life, so, if you are not willing to work on it, you will not be able to eat of its fruit such as joy, peace, and love.

Here are 8 daily practices you can embrace to¬†assure you achieve having the best day of your life every day……..

Prayer & Meditation First*** Prayer is of the spirit and Meditation is of the soul. Prayer & Meditation is the moment where you allow your spirit and soul to unite. When the two are aligned, you experience a peace that surpasses all understanding and you master your entire day with grace and ease no matter the challenge. Stress, anxiety, and discouragement manifest when the spirit and soul become un-aligned. Whether we want to realize it or not, we choose how we respond to what life brings our way and we then feel the fruit of our choice emotionally and physically. Your spirit holds the power to conquer every life experience because your spirit is your channel to the divine power that sustains the universe. So don’t cheat yourself and bypass tapping into this divine treasure of fulfillment and experiencing a magical day.

Journaling is Fundamental*** I know we are superheroes and love carrying the weight of the world in our heads. We are also honest with ourselves when we realize that overwhelm is our silent undesired partner. Journaling is a way to offload our thoughts and make way for fresh thoughts that usually bring about massive solutions. Journaling also acts as a foundation for creativity, healing, empowerment, and celebration. More importantly, journaling really nurtures the friendship we have with our self. You will be amazed at how you can create massive impact in your life and others with just a pen and a pad. I make it a habit to offload through journaling which ultimately sets me up for success and lessens my chances of allowing greatness to be forgotten.

Create Your Aesthetic Atmosphere*** Enhance your daily experience by being kind to your senses. Why not fill your life with as much beauty and serenity as possible so when opposition comes, we are in a better state to cope through it. Also, creating an aesthetic atmosphere inspires motivation and is a great way to decrease the levels of the silent killer called stress.

Practice Practical Planning*** Our mind is designed to operate on a S.M.A.R.T. System. It likes  Specific and Measurable instruction that is Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Our subconscious mind collects strategic data and will truly improve our lives if we allow it to do so. It serves as our personal assistant. Practicing practical and strategic planning such as task management lists, planners, and software, help us activate the smart system our brains crave. Other key practices such as prioritizing and delegating are also an important part of practical planning. You will be amazed at how you can rapidly master goals and achieve record performance by practicing practical planning.

Put on a Spirit of Excellence***

You have heard many say ” Don’t just dress, dress to impress”. The same goes for putting on the garment of excellence. You don’t just settle and do the bare minimum, you put in extreme effort to look, feel, and perform at your best. Even more, you assure that when you interact with others, they experience a sense of amazement just by being in your presence. Magic really happens when one is driven by a spirit of excellence.

Impact Someone’s Life*** Who’s life can you impact the most today with the resources you have. This is not just about giving tangibles. This could be a kind phone call, text message, invite to dinner, etc. The key is embracing love to assure this person (or people) will know and feel they are very important to you. We as humans share the same common desire of feeling considered. Acts of kindness go a long way and have proven to impact and even save lives.

Celebrate Yourself with Kindness***
Our souls love and desire to be celebrated. We don’t have to wait around for someone to do it for us. Start celebrating and pampering yourself today. You deserve it because you are unique, special, and wonderfully made. Celebrate every milestone in your life and pamper yourself with your favorite treat or experience. Train your inner voice to praise you. Celebrating yourself waters your confidence and kindness soothes the soul.

Close the day with Gratitude, Prayer, and Vision*** As we go about our day, we forget that just having the ability to exist is priceless. When you see life from a state of existence, you will begin to see a land of abundant opportunity. No matter how challenging life may get, gratitude is always at reach. Prayer is a great way to activate this gratitude by helping you find contentment in what you have, faith in what you desire, and joy in all the treasures life has to offer. We were divinely created with a purpose that should be the epicenter of our vision. No matter where the winds of the day may blow you, be sure to end the day aligned with prayer, gratitude, and vision.

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