wellbeing and stress

It has been an extremely traumatic time for all of us in different ways. The stress of losing jobs, money, stuck in our homes for months on end worrying about the health of our loved ones, and being bombarded with news bulletin showing the world coming to an end and riots and social injustices going on with the black lives matter movement. 

Of course, these changes need to happen, but it can just add to the uncertainty of our life and will of course affect how wellness and way of life.

Here are some tips for 2020 for overcoming the challenges we will face post-COVID 19.

Some of them you will have heard before and may have even tried, but it is good to get back to good happens and reinforce these habits in times such as these.

Stay true to you

Remember you can overcome all these new challenges and try to not bog yourself down with the uncertainties and things that we cannot change. Stay true to your values and principles and embrace the person you have become on your journey.

Love who you are, even the things you wish to change because you can change them, and none of these negative aspects of how you see yourself reflects the beautiful person you are.

Enjoy your time

No matter how busy you are there is always time to have for you and the activities you love. For you to be a good parent, partner, friend, or worker you need to have balance in your life.

If you do not allow time for yourself you will lose energy and will not be as effective in all of your roles as mentioned above. So enjoy your time and treat that as just as important as your other areas of life.

You need it and you deserve it.

Be Present

It has never been harder to allow yourself to be in the moment and switch off from thinking of the past, future, or be consumed on your phone, Netflix, or life in general.

We must detox part of our day and escape people, social media, and those gadgets and items that keep us engaged and not present in time.

Take time to meditate, do yoga, or just do nothing. Lay down and try not to think, daydream, and let your mind wander. Enjoy being alive and being so present in the moment

Socialize and connect

We are social animals and I am sure we have noticed how much we need social interaction from friends, family, and our partners. We can enrich our lives by having a good connection with close friends and build a positive rapport with these people so we can have people who know us, understand us, and love us especially when times are tough.

Calling a friend when you feel down is the best way to feel supported, releasing some of that pent up worry and stress by sharing our emotions and fears with someone we trust. 

And by helping those around us when they need us we also not only help them buy help ourselves too.

Go out have fun and enjoy these moments with those you are connected to. You need time to have fun and unwind and get out of the house and office at least a few times per week.

Stress Triggers

Be aware and conscious of when stress is getting a little too much for you and recognize those triggers. When realizing what tends to create spikes in your stress and identify these triggers you can learn to cope with them or get rid of them altogether if possible. You can also find ways to release your stress, maybe a morning run, meditation or kickboxing are common activities to do this.

Find your activity that will help you release this because if you don’t it will build until it needs to release causing potential breakdowns or explosions of anger and frustration depending on your personality.

Know yourself and be aware.

Good luck on your journey of betterment and wellness, these tips will help but feel free to adapt these methods for your own use.