In today’s world, most adults know they need to do physical activity for the goodness of their overall health. The increase of Coronavirus infection in the US has, however, put everything on hold. Businesses are closed, maintaining social distancing is mandatory, and routines have become erratic due to the palpable disruption everywhere. Every aspect of life can feel the impact. Amidst all this chaos, you may not mind not doing your workouts. However, public health officials repeat the necessity to pursue this habit more than ever for keeping your immunity stronger to ward off the risk of getting a virus.

Being physically active has always been important in normal times and more so during this pandemic. You may wonder why. Here is the answer.

Why do you need to be physically active during the Coronavirus lockdown? ByRam Duriseti

Gyms, parks, fitness centers, and other public areas are inaccessible to flatten the curve of the rate of infection. Due to this, you can have very few opportunities to engage in physical activities. The situation is especially tricky for those who cannot ensure this at home because of limited space. Plus, social distancing can be another hurdle; places are either closed or crowded. There can be bad weather also. You could be working from home, which means you must be spending most of your time sitting. With that, juggling between chores, child care, and everything else may leave you gasping for some space.

Your dietary habits may also have gone for a toss with you paying little or no attention to the calorie intake. You can even experience weight gain. Limited movement and trips to a lot of daily places further indicate the drop in your physical activity levels. In essence, the combination of a sedentary lifestyle, stress eating, pandemic-related concerns and uncertainty, and the constant pressure to balance home and work can take a toll on your mental and physical health without you realizing it right now. Clinical experts Ram Duriseti warn people of this.

The quality of lifestyle and nutrition goes a long way in taking care of your overall wellbeing. It can be easy to stop exercising, but do you realize at what cost you must be doing this. You don’t have to pursue it the way you did earlier. Still, you can include physical activities in your daily life.

How to do exercises?

The American Heart Association says that adults should do either 150 minutes of medium intensity or 75 minutes of high-intensity workouts every week. For this, stepping outside your house is not necessary. You can opt for walking, yoga in the living room, soccer competition in the backyard, etc. If your local fitness studio is online, you can subscribe to their virtual classes and train your body. Besides, take up tasks like garage cleaning, car washing, utensil scrubbing, and others. These are also calorie-burning exercises.

Your health has to be your priority, no matter what the situation is there. If you take care of your mental and physical wellbeing, you will not succumb to stressful times quickly.