Robert Trosten

Since the lockdown came into force, many health conscious people are confined to their homes, and they are working outwith the help of online workout videos and virtual training sessions. Fortunately for them,the time is coming when they will be able to hit the gym and do some serious training.

As we enter a phase of unlocking amidst the pandemic, many governments are allowing fitness centers, and cinema halls to reopen, with strict regulations to be followed. Amid populations that have been locked up in their homes for months, this news comes as a welcome change for many. Regardless, we should not disregard the continued seriousness of this pandemic.

Although fitness centers have followed all the recommendationsthat the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have laid down, you are ultimately responsible for your safety. Thus, if you want to go to any gym, wait. According to Robert Trosten, routine physical exercise helps to build strength. Furthermore, it allows individuals to strengthen their bodies and their minds. Undoubtedly, fitness is necessary, but one should be aware of the virus and the chances of catching it.

To be fit and healthy amidst the pandemic, here are few preventives strategies that you can keep in mind:

Robert Trosten suggest some safety mechanism during the pandemic 

Before you leave the house, ensure that you have all the essentials needed for a workout. Carry plenty of masks, wet wipes, sanitizer sprays, band, your towel, a water bottle, and mat. Avoid using items that belong to the fitness center to prevent infection.

Once fitness centers reopen, they will most likely provide members with allotted times to use their facilities. Sign up to a timeslot and do not linger needlessly. Stay within the allotted time and practice social distancing. If you arrive ahead of time, make sure you wait outside in order to avoidrunning into people who are already there.

Disinfect each item

As soon as you step out of the house, you become susceptible to the virus. Keeping this in mind, make sure to sanitize your hands if you use any equipment without gloves. Avoid touching your face at all times. Keep a sanitizer in your stash and use it throughout your workout. Remember, the pandemic is still dangerous, and it is essential that you take necessary precautions before stepping into the “new normal”.

Keep safe distance

As you adjust to the new normal, it is essential to follow social distancing principles. Avoid talking to people. You need to ensure a safe distance at all times. Do not forget that the pandemic is still running rampant.

Avoid direct contact with germs

It is imperative to use a face cover and gloves to avoid direct contact of germs with your skin. Sweatbands are also recommended as they help in absorbing sweat when it trickles down your arms and face. Needless to say, staying at home is strongly advised if you do not feel well.

As pointed out, you should reflect on the above points and decide for yourself whether it is worth taking a chance to go toa gym. Consider a fitness routine at home to keep yourself and others safe. Even if you are ready to hit the gym, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to avoid any risk of being infected.