The pandemic outbreak has made everyone stressed and tensed. No one at the start of 2020 imagined staying at home for a long time. In 2020 life was all about following the social distancing and stay-at-home orders. The pandemic has impacted life adversely at all levels. It has affected people’s personal and professional life and made everyone nervous, stressed, and palpable. Hence, not many people were able to relax and lead an ordinary course of life. Today, it is essential to follow useful guidelines to bring back calm and peace.

Wellness guidelines by Mike Giannulis

People should strive to stay well and calm at every phase of life. It is essential to retain one’s calm and inner peace during challenges and crises. Mike Giannulis shares useful wellness guidelines that will help you to stay well during this pandemic phase.

  1. Light a candle and pray

The pandemic stress has made the mind go awry! People are oscillating between negative feelings and get caught up amongst endless loops of procrastination. One of the best ways to cease this is by praying every day. It is also an excellent practice to light a candle while you pray to create a calm ambiance. You can write a prayer and read it in the morning and night, as it will help you collect yourself and focus on positive and life-supporting feelings. It will reduce stress and help a person to regain his or her inner peace.

  • Confide in a loved one

The increasing rate of virus contamination and deaths can leave anyone feeling sad and depressed. Additionally, the professional hazards also add more negative feelings. It is essential to be able to confide in a loved one or friend. It is a good practice to choose a person with whom you can share your feelings and feel light. You should select a person who can listen to you unbiasedly and provide you with a positive solution. Sometimes, connecting with friends and family members over a video call is an excellent way to feel connected and bonded in such testing times.

  • Find a leisure activity

It’s an excellent habit to engage in activities that help you feel good. Many people have nothing to do once they complete their day’s work. It is a good idea to get engaged in a leisure activity that will induce a feel-good factor. It will help you to feel relaxed and calm. When you enjoy cooking, gardening, painting, or any other leisure activity, you also produce happy hormones that help curtain stress and tension.

  • Exercise and meditate

It is an excellent practice to add meditation and exercise to your routine every day. Exercise reduces your stress, releases extra toxins, and keeps your weight under control. Additionally, meditation helps to relax and unwind you and help you feel peaceful within. Meditation can help a person think positively, even in the face of a crisis.

Everyone must stay peaceful in such a testing time. The guidelines mentioned above can help anyone to find their inner peace during the pandemic phase.