Staying well during the COVID19 pandemic is hugely challenging. We are all struggling to adjust to the various disruptions in our daily lives while trying to comply with the government’s restrictive measures to fight the pandemic. The daily struggle to adapt to the new lifestyle of staying confined at home, with or without work, takes a toll on our health and wellbeing. In our endeavor to protect from the deadly coronavirus by practicing extreme measures, we are falling sick mentally and physically, observes Ram┬áDuriseti. Severe disruption in the daily routine makes people feel like spending time in captivity, which is causing restlessness, mood swings, and anxiety. It is making people feel depressed under extreme mental stress and affecting their wellness and wellbeing.

It is vital to ensure that we stay physically active to take care of our wellbeing. It will enhance our mental health and make it easy to adjust to the new normal, which is likely to govern our lives for many more days. To stay healthy, you must take care of what you eat and drink plenty of fluids while following a physical exercise routine that will rejuvenate the body and mind.

Follow a nutritious diet, says Ram Duriseti

At the beginning of the lockdown, people resorted to panic buying due to the uncertainty. After four months of experiencing the new order of living, we have understood that there is no need to stockpile groceries. Instead, be clear about what you should eat to stay healthy and make your list of items to buy accordingly. To have a balanced and nutritious diet, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as you can store these for a long time in the fridge along with other canned products and grains. Choose canned foods with low sugar (not more than 5 grams), salt (not more than 200 mg), and saturated fat of up to 1.5 grams per serving. Avoid the craving for food as recourse to overcome boredom as it will wreck your health plans.

Follow a fitness program

Despite not being able to hit the gym, there are several ways to create some exercise routine to help maintain your physical activity. Do some simple free-hand exercises like sit-ups, burpees, squat, and back extensions that require minimal space to stay active indoors. While holed up at home, you can take to gardening to remain engaged, and even playing with children is another way to stay active. Be innovative with your exercise routine by using some household items as props to expand your exercise scope. You can use wine bottles as weights and a sturdy chair to do step-ups.

Sleep well

Stress can disturb your sleep pattern and impact your health adversely. Having enough sleep is critical during this time when the body and mind go through excessive stress. To clam your mind and overcome anxiety, you can practice meditation and yoga to ensure sound sleep.

Maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness for yourself and your home to keep the virus away.