My philosophy is that while no one feels good all the time— everyone can feel better any time. The power to fix what’s wrong is in your hands, and feeling better is always an option. It’s a bold statement I know, but stick with me here. I believe real health is total wellness. Total wellness is a deep connection to your core being. It is knowing your body and mind, and understanding how the two work together. It is listening to your favorite song while you get ready because that puts you in a good mood. It is meditating to clear your head when you’re stressed. It is moving your body because circulation keeps you sane. It is being kind to yourself when times are tough. It is holistic, it is every day, and it is a way of life.

Total wellness is existing with a strong foundation, an unbreakable connection to an inner compass, and knowing how to nurture that foundation daily, in every moment. It is also about acknowledging when you don’t feel great, and then making the choice to reach for the resources that will help you feel better.

What you need in a particular moment is always changing, and depends on various factors. Sometimes it’s acupuncture or tapping, sometimes it’s yoga, sometimes it’s tequila and pretty much always it’s a breakfast burrito (extra guac, please and thanks). It’s about creating a baseline with consistent routines so that when you fall off track (which we all do) getting back in the zone is quick and easy.

Abraham Hicks says that being “tapped in, tuned in, and turned on” is when all the magic happens. I translate that to mean, when your relationship with your inner self is good (i.e healthy and strong), and you let that connection lead the way, then you experience the journey with more love, bliss, freedom, direction, ease, and comfort. It is energizing, stress-reducing, fear-stifling, and the possibilities are endless. This road is open and available to everyone, you just have to prioritize how you feel.

I asked a few entrepreneurs, influencers, and health experts who I admire for the most effective tips, tricks, and tools they use to support their overall wellbeing in everyday life.

Here’s how they nurture their core on the reg:

Maria Shriver (Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author of the new book “I’ve Been Thinking… Reflections, Prayers and Meditations for a Meaningful Life”):

Every day — whether you feel good or not — you’ve just got to get up and keep going. When you show up for your life, you feel better.

Elle Macpherson (Founder of WelleCo, Model, Wellness Advocate):

Living every day as clean, green and active as possible. I make sure I listen to my body, and add a generous dose of love, laughter and water. Surviving is very different from thriving and I’m all for thrive! At WelleCo we believe a plant-based alkalizing daily diet is important for optimal health. When you nourish your body at a cellular level, you are healthy on the inside and it shows on the outside. WelleCo plant-based supplements and good gut health are intrinsic to our business. A healthy gut is key to feeling more energetic, getting quality sleep, having a stronger immune system, improved digestion, stabilized moods and great skin. My other tips for thriving are 1) No screens upon awakening or an hour before bed. Try a meditation instead. 2) Start the day with a SUPER ELIXIR Greens smoothie and a hug from my son. 3) Drink 3 liters of water over the course of a day (Read Your Body’s Many Cries For Water). 4) Eat more plants and less animals. 5) Sweat it out in an infrared sauna. Write it out on a note pad. Scream it out into a pillow. 6) Have a really good belly laugh every day. 7) Fresh air, sunshine and movement are essential. 8) Read something unexpected and learn something new. 9) Do something, kind and considerate for someone else, anonymously.

Jeff Rosenthal (Co-Founder and Curator of Summit):

We’re kinetically powered creatures; I’ll walk around the block, or go get a workout in if I’m feeling low energy or lethargic. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest, and movement often begets more movement. Simply going for a walk stimulates the pre-frontal cortex, provides new prospectives (literally, your surroundings are changing) and loosens you up if you’ve been at your desk all day. I’ll take as many of my calls and meetings on foot as I can, and I tend to pace around the office if I stay indoors. I find following my breath helps me focus and center myself; I’m not really a daily meditator, but I will elongate and expand my breathing, 8 count in, 8 count out, and after a few minutes I find that can give me a sense of self control and balance. I’m a firm believer you are what you eat. I try to keep a clean, lean diet, no processed foods, and I eat fairly light throughout the work day. Keep a little bit of the hunger in your belly if you want to keep the hunger in your actions! As for mindset, my grandpa gave me good advice for keeping an abundant state of mind, “As you go through life, whatever be your goal, focus on the donut, not on the hole.” What we focus on expands. I try to focus on the things I want, and how I will get them, instead of the things that could be better or my perceived handicaps.

Nate Ru (Co-Founder of sweetgreen):

I like starting my day with a handwritten note – to a family member, a colleague at work or to anyone you want to recognize, just because. A little gratitude goes a long way. It’s my form of meditation.

Elise Gabriel (Founder of Paradox):

As a Founder of a new company, I am constantly on-the-go and have a very demanding schedule so optimizing my health/wellness is something that’s very important to me. Here are my 3 favorite hacks: 1) Hacking Great Sleep: I’ve trained myself to get great sleep no matter where I am or the time zone. I’ve learned to do this effectively, by always carrying a makeshift sleep-kit which includes an eye mask, ear plugs, socks, and a melatonin supplement. 2) Energy Hacking: I am obsessed with NeuroGum and carry it with me everywhere — it’s a nootropic energy gum that gives you energy and clarity without jitters. I love it for those long work days that end in a late night work dinner — and pop a piece whenever I need an extra boost of energy. 3) Cure for Tired Eyes: I’ve found that when my eyes feel tired, my entire body feels tired. My favorite hack to cure tired, morning eyes is to use cooling eye patches or cold spoons kept in the freezer. They immediately help soothe inflammation in the eye area and make your entire body feel more refreshed.

Seth Cohen (Co-Founder of Sweetfin):

Consistency in both exercise and the way in which I’m eating is imperative for my overall health and wellness. Daily exercise – at least being active 5 to 6 days a week – improves my ability to focus, it gives me more energy and has me in a more positive mood. Eating well – which usually involves home cooked meals – ensures the fact that I am eating whole, nutrient dense foods that are minimally processed and high in nutritional value.

Kelly Wearstler (Designer):

I always make time to exercise, whether home or on the road. When recently in Milan for Salone, I found the local Barry’s Bootcamp and made sure I had my 6am class each morning per my usual routine. I have started to include a second daily workout with pilates training, which is so incredible for building strength. I typically don’t eat carbs during the day in order to keep my energy level up and I drink tons of Alkaline water with mint leaves, slices of cucumber or lemon. Though I do stop for a double macchiato every morning after my workout to truly kick-start my day!

Ryan Weiss (Life coach and Kundalini teacher):

For me, it’s all about Awareness. The hard truth is, the thinking of the world is rooted in fear. We all learned this way of thinking (competition, lack, judgement, etc) very, very young. It takes daily practice to break free from that fear voice which speaks first and speaks loudest. I exercise my mental and emotional musculature so that I can stay still when my ego is screaming inside my head, and then choose another way of thinking. There are no short cuts. It takes time and consistent effort. Yet, to be able to love myself and trust in Life, especially in the moments when things are falling apart, feels like a superpower – one that I am more than willing to put in the work to achieve.

Mastin Kipp (Creator of Functional Life Coaching™ and best-selling author of Claim Your Power)

The best way to start the day is to make sure you have a solid wind down period the night before. I eat dinner three hours before bed with lean protein and greens and a digestive enzyme so that my body is not spending it’s resting hours digesting food and instead, helping me repair and recover from the day’s stress and activities. Then, I am up at 4 or 5am and my #1 goal is to NOT hit the snooze button, ever.

For maximum energy, weight loss and life long vitality, prioritize your microbiome/gut health. I eat my Viome recommended foods and supplements each day, which means I start and end my day with a Hyperbiotic Pro and Pre-biotic, polyphenols and L-glutamine to keep my microbiome in balance. I also take a high dose of Glutathione each day, which is a master antioxidant and does a great job of reducing oxidative stress and detoxing my body (your gut microbiome is the largest consumer of Glutathione in your body, by the way). I hit the gym for up to an hour of AM Cardio (The best cardio and exercise is the one that you love to do), eat a healthy (and Viome approved) breakfast and then weight train. Afterwards, I meditate and center myself for the day and start running my business.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to prioritizing and listening to your body. Give it what it needs to detox and do it’s thing and then perform at your best each and every day.