The world is changing and it will not get back to the “old normal” even after Corona-virus vaccine will be given to large populations around the globe.

Many companies in all sizes, realized that by accommodating their employees’ needs to work at home, they are saving real-estate and insurance payments and reduce stress of commuting and other overwhelming stress factors that happen very often in the physical workplace.

Yes, there are new challenges when all family members stay at home all together and parents need to create their workplaces. Yet, together with common sense, practical ideas & personal holistic approach, your employee may create good working conditions, based on flexible working hours, and be happy, and effective in their performance and productivity.

Creativity, flexibility holistic and personalized approach are the name of the game in WELLNESS @WORK @ HOME

Though the virus spikes all of the sudden in different place as second wave, managements and leaders that strategically were minded to the impact of the change, and adopted a positive approach to the mandate of Stay and Work from home, see now the advantages and benefits.

Adopting video conversation of leaders, such as HR & Marketing, HR & Sales and HR & RD, to shape in real time, new norms of culture of working efficiently with vitality at home, are essential .

The focus shifted from the importance of mandatory hours, to assessment of performance, effective communication, good teamwork in video conversations and productive project management.

Why Wellness@Work@Home is so important?

Before the corona-virus shook the whole world, wellness@work focused mainly on diet, fitness, annual check-up as incentive of employers to get discount on health insurance.

WE at TheSoundWell redefined it and call it Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness. WE highlight the bond between wellness-health-wellbeing and add personal creativity and personal development to its success.

In Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness there are two sides: The company leaders which should provide wellness infrastructure, environment and atmosphere and there is the employees that needs to generate inner space of wellbeing in themselves.

Today more then ever there is a correlation between motivation, inner drive for better performance and tailoring wellness to employee’s personality and needs.

It simply makes sense: – the more they are happy, respected and get personal attention, they generate trust, loyalty and passion to give their very best in return . This is a win win wellness culture if all sides are sincere, coherent, and consistent in solving problems as they manifest.

Video group conversations should include wellness topics and not only work related issues. You can not separate the two.


 You are most welcome to contact us with the following topics of interests:

1.      The added value of ergonomic vibroacoustic therapy mats and pillows

Let them create comfortable environment to work from home.

2.      The added value of Silent on Demand by creating a SilentSoundSpace at home

3.      Wellness @Work

let us show you how to add the component of wellness@work@home

4.      Customizing our wellness blog to fit your brand/company and use it an engagement platform to empower trust with employees, clients and partners

5.      Empower and enrich employees, clients and partners with elevating and inspiring presentations and lectures.

6.      Our wellness oriented ebooks

be well

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Avigail Berg-Panitz, MA

Avigail Berg-Panitz, MA

TheSoundWell-Vibroacoustic Therapy Owner, Wellness Expert, Motivational Speaker, LinkedIn Teacher, Writer