The term “I’m Speaking” has taken on a whole new connotation. In the midst of the racial turmoil and unrest that gripped our country in June, Giselle Shapiro knew she had to do something. She felt compelled and drawn to allow the voices of black women, their stories, and their triumphs to shine.

Giselle Shapiro is a creative visionary, entrepreneur, midlife women’s advocate, lifestyle transformation expert, and women’s transformational memoir mentor/coach.

Armed with an idea Giselle reached out to Dr. Anita M. Jackson of AMJ Productions and Publications and together they put the wheels in motion. It was a mere coincidence that Dr. Jackson had several years’ experience publishing anthologies. Ms. Shapiro assembled a total of 15 stories for the book speaking to women from different socioeconomic backgrounds and across the country to share her vision. 

The Movement

Since the development of the book, Black Women Speak has become a movement. Ms. Shapiro launched Black Women Speak the Summit featuring co-author interviews on the newly created Black Women Speak TV Network.

The stories in Black Women Speak share real-life experiences offering readers a sense of hope, healing, optimism, and transformation at a time when the world needs it the most. Black Women Speak is guaranteed to inspire and uplift other women while educating the world about Black women. The Vice President-elect Kamala Harris ensures there is a need for the world to see us, hear from us, and know us for who we truly are. Black Women Speak deserves to be seen and heard.

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