Hi. I’m Khushi Nigam, and I am the founder of LIFE OF TEEN, an online publishing platform for teenager wellness.

As a fourteen year old freshman at a high school in Silicon Valley, life has never been more confusing. People on the news are telling me that my family and I are in danger and should stay at home for a whole two months, and teachers from my school are telling me to “hang in there” and “take care of myself.” While every day presents a new challenge, I am fortunate to have parents who take care of me and provide substantial meals and support.

However, that makes me wonder how other teenagers who don’t have a good support system must be holding up during these unprecedented times. Not only must they be struggling to stay healthy and active, but they may also be hurting inside from the lack of social interaction and positive encouragement.

In fact, after studying the psychology on teenagers and being one myself, I have realized that we really only need two things: someone to care for us and a way to express ourselves that increases our self – esteem and keeps our social life active and thriving. Especially during the pandemic, it is important that teenagers get these two things in order for them to maintain their wellbeing, both mental and physical.

Teenagers need an outlet to express their innermost thoughts and someone to share it with, so that is why I created LIFE OF TEEN (lifeofteen.com).

LIFE OF TEEN is an online publishing platform for teenagers to submit their thoughts and experiences with maintaining wellness. It allows for any teen to create an account, interact with others’ posts, and express themselves through writing articles.

Shreya, an experienced public speaker, smart high school student, and overall great person, says, “It’s an inspiring website with powerful articles that emphasizes self awareness and appreciation.”

Cynthia, a talented freshman, graphic designer, and PR expert from the Bay Area, says “LIFE OF TEEN addresses many issues that teens definitely relate to and see in their daily lives. The website has many posts on topics for teens to improve their qualities of life in terms of wellbeing, dreams, and life changing habits. As a teen, resources like this website are really helpful to me and serve as motivation with the help from my peers that relate to the similar teen issues we see in our daily lives.”

Some of the most popular articles are “How to stop TALKING and start DOING” and “Dealing with Failure.” These articles are getting the attention of teenagers, and I hope to have more people signing up to become contributors!

So, if you are a parent reading this article, it might be helpful to show your teenager lifeofteen.com.

If you are a fellow teen reading this, then you can go to lifeofteen.com and sign up to become a contributor, and share your story today!