Let me tell you a story about the time a BORING job taught me about my life’s purpose. 

After graduating from theater school, I needed a job to pay the bills, so I started working at a local clothing shop.  

My duties included keeping the shop in good order, helping customers, and ringing up sales. 

Most of the time, things were pretty slow and I’d get bored. To fill in the time, either the manager would give us small projects OR we’d have to find things to do. 

One day, I spent the entire day moving the pants displays around. I literally just folded and refolded pants. All. Day. Long. 

I hated it. 

I remember thinking “this is so meaningless”. 

Honestly, it made me feel useless — which led to me being frustrated and unhappy. 

Eventually, I got past the probationary period where they could just let me go, but my boss and I both knew it wasn’t working out. 

I wanted to go. 

She wanted to let me go. 

So, even though I could have accepted the longer term contract, I decided to leave. 

Here’s what I learned: when you don’t feel anything but dread about a job and KNOW that you can never be passionate about it, it doesn’t work for anyone. 

Not for them — and certainly not for you. 

It’s more aligned to walk away and find (or create) the thing you’re EXCITED to do.

Because when you do what you’re meant to be doing, everything changes.

Did you ever have a job that you absolutely hated? What happened when you walked away?