Are you struggling to stay on-task at work and feel your productivity slipping away? You aren’t alone. Thousands of people like you around the nation are struggling to maintain a consistently productive pace at work. What is causing this epidemic of lost work time? While there are many factors, the most consistent of these is likely stress.

However, it is possible to eliminate that stress with a spa day by yourself or with your co-workers. In fact, spa days are becoming one of the most popular team-building activities in the corporate world. So how exactly does stress rob you of productivity and how can a spa day revitalize you and increase productivity rates?

Stress Robs You of Productivity

Stress is one of the great killers of productivity and one of the secret destroyers of success. Think about how your body feels when excessive stress hits it. You can’t think straight and have a hard time feeling comfortable. Sweat pours off of your body and your heart pounds. Stress has an immediate and negative effect on the body, one that will immediately rob you of productivity.

Why does stress cause your body to react this way? Scientists call it the fight or flight response. When you suffer from severe stress, your body increases testosterone and cortisone in an attempt to prepare you for a fight. This ancient reaction occurs because stress makes your body feel like it is in danger and needs to protect itself. In the past, this extra testosterone and cortisone were useful for fighting off dangerous animals and other predators.

However, it is a productivity killer in a modern workplace. With all of those extra chemicals in your blood stream, your mind shuts down and no longer operates to its full potential. Your focus narrows and becomes harder to maintain. As a result, you’re not likely to get a lot of work done on your projects. Even worse, this can lead to an increasing amount of stress.

Decreased Productivity Can Lead to More Stress

As your body reacts negatively to stress and your productivity plummets, you will fall behind on your work projects. Falling behind is never good, especially as it typically causes more stress in a person’s life. In this way, stress and a lack of productivity can become a negative cycle that sucks all of your productivity and makes it impossible for you to succeed.

Thankfully, it is possible to break this cycle and eliminate excessive stress by attending a spa. These high-quality relaxation centers provide you with the kind of comfort and fun that you need to reduce stress in your body and your mind. Think of a spa as a reset button, one that allows you to make progress towards the essential things in your life.

How a Spa Can Help

A spa day is one of the best things a person can do to eliminate stress in their life. When you go to a spa, you have access to a variety of healing relaxation techniques that increase your ability to focus. For example, you can receive soothing massages from professionals. These masseurs will identify the rigid spots in your muscles and work out the pain and stress in an effective manner.

Many spas also have relaxing activities, such as mud baths, which you can use to eliminate stress in your life. Imagine relaxing in cool and clear mud and feeling stress just melt off of your body. Resetting your stress in this way is essential for maintaining your productivity.

In fact, it is an excellent idea to get together several co-workers who are working on the same project as you. By taking a spa day with them and focusing on relaxation, you are also building increased levels of camaraderie. If you understand and appreciate your co-workers on a deeper level (and vice versa), you increase the productivity of the entire team. And that has the side effect of further decreasing your levels of stress by making you more confident in your workplace.

Even One Day is Beneficial

The benefits of a good spa day should be immediately noticeable. In fact, even a single day at the spa can be useful for promoting relaxation and productivity in the workplace. Anyone who is suffering from a serious surplus of stress needs to consider a spa day right away. They can help eliminate the dangerous stress that is robbing them of productivity.

Moreover, those who take a spa day can be a happier and healthier person in their everyday life. Stress not only causes mental and physical confusion, but it can prematurely age people and send them to an early grave. Avoid that danger by taking a spa day when you need it and letting your body and mind relax in perfect comfort.

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