Opt Health

 Aging is a natural process that’s seemingly unavoidable. However, understanding it—including the first serious signs of it—can help identify your body’s signals and give you the advantage of taking preventive measures early on. A major factor in aging is a decrease in testosterone, and while that may seem like just one piece of the system, it is in fact an important component in the healthy functioning of many systems in a man’s body. Much like fuel for a car, it’s what keeps the male engine running smoothly, and a drop in it leads to suboptimal functioning of many other areas, from body composition to sex drive. One company has set out to educate men on the matter, destigmatize the conversation around testosterone deficiency, and help slow down, and in some cases reverse the effects of aging in men.Opt Health is a groundbreaking telehealth platform that specializes in men’s preventive health, with the goal of “giving men their edge back.”

 Since hormones are largely responsible for maintaining the homeostasis of the body, a drop in their levels leads to one or more side effects that include: a decrease in energy, insomnia, low libido, brain fog, hair loss, weight gain, decrease in muscle and bone mass, and even depression. Though many men accept these symptoms as the norm of aging and simply concede to their new fate, this does not have to be the case. Opt Health’s team of specialists and doctors helps their clients craft a bespoke plan of action that can curb this array of side effects and bring back the vitality of one’s earlier years. Since the platform operates as a telehealth service, consultations, appointments, testing, charts, and even prescriptions can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home. Further, Opt Health connects its clients with the leading minds in the preventive health space—without one’s geographical location standing in the way of working with an expert. 

Common courses of action for testosterone deficiency are TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy). Administered in the form of creams or injections, this therapy when coupled with lifestyle changes—which Opt Health monitors and helps with—can truly transform one’s life. The overall goal is to encourage men to proactively take charge of their health and wellness through personalized medical attention, education, and treatments, all of which are available in one convenient service. Opt Health is bringing to light a subject that is often neglected or avoided due to stigma and inaccessibility, while simultaneously offering world-class solutions to a broader audience that were previously only available to the likes of celebrities or former professional athletes. The company aims to not only democratize the field of preventive health but to optimize their clients’ lives, one man at a time. To learn more about the platform and sign up, head toOpt Health today.