For the longest, mental health was not considered important. Instead, it was a social taboo even to visit a psychiatrist. However, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the awareness of good mental health among people. The government, celebrities, social media influencers are coming up with different ways to normalise a health state of mind. The more we talk about it, the more we can become helpful for the people who are struggling behind closed doors.

Therefore, I want to press on to say that as we visit eye doctor, general physician, heart specialist, likewise it is no harm to visit a doctor or expert who can help you cure your mental issues. If you are fighting anxiety, depression, stress, you are advised to read and know more about the case. To have good mental health, we can focus on basic 8 components. 

The 8 Factors for Good Mental Health

1. Emotional Balance

Human beings are emotional beings, and we are made to experience happiness, sadness, anger, thrill, etc. The balance between all these emotions is something that one learns by life situation. If sadness overpowers, one becomes self-hating or depressed. If anger overwhelms, it can turn into violence or untamed speech. Therefore, whenever you feel one emotion overlapping, then take a step back and try to uplift balancing emotion.

2. Communication

One core factor of good mental health is communication. If you face any struggle with friends or family, the first thing you should do is talking. If you keep the communication gap and presume and assume a situation, it will not help both parties. Rather the bitterness would grow and would create a poison in your mind. So it is important to open up and speak for what is good.

3. Body Regulation

Like any other body illness, mental illness is also a real thing. When required, you need to take supplements and medicines to maintain good mental health. Therefore, don’t overlook if you notice consistent changes in your emotions. There are some helpful medicines like Fluoxetine for depression, and you get it at a discounted rate by using a Pharmeasy Coupon Code.

4. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand the pain and struggles of others emotionally. Whenever you are hurt or treated badly by others, one way to look at the situation is empathy. This will help you understand their life situation and what they might be going through. This resolves most of the clashes among people.

5. Controlling Fear

For some people, it is very natural to panic in any unforeseen situation. It is because their brains have a disorder in fear responses. For correcting this metal illness, one needs to focus more on calming their mind. It requires patience and practice. And sometimes, one may also need to take medicine to subside anxiety.

6. Insight

The change of perspective is another key factor to maintain good mental health. It focuses that past experience teaches us the way to live our present and future. It is wise to consider and analyse the mistakes and be mindful never of repeating them. Also, this helps people you live in guilt. Remember that when you repent of your mistakes and leave the past behind, you are on the right path.

7. Morality

To aim for the greater good in life is one of the core element to achieve good mental health. When you start putting other’s happiness above yourself without compromising on self-respect, it gives greater happiness to be helpful to others and stay away from wrongdoings. This can make you very delightful and pleasing. If you want to start being good to others, you begin by adding more ‘Thank You’ and ‘Sorry’ in your conversations.

8. Intuition

Some call it intuition; some call it God’s way of directing. This is another factor that helps to analyse feelings and circumstances in the right ways. If you get strong feelings of something bad or something good, don’t overlook it as it might turn out to be your inner self telling you the truth. This could help you in taking decisions in the right way.


Throughout our lifetime, we go through numerous life situations, and everything adds to our experience. To rightly analyse our experiences and outcomes make all the difference. One who learns the core factors of good mental health is the one who can happily live without stress. In this blog, we have mentioned components that will help you live a h