The consequences of a lack of sleep are many, but the ones we will name below are the most common after two days in a row without sleeping the necessary hours or without taking an eternal rest:

Irritability: our brain and our body rest during the night, so if we do not sleep these cannot rest and as a result of insomnia will make us feel exhausted the next day. Our body will be ok, but our mind will be unable to focus, any slight noise can seem annoying and we find ourselves highly irritable.

Diabetes: When we sleep, our body processes glucose which prevents us from suffering from sugar-related diseases, such as diabetes. However, if we do not rest and suffer from insomnia, the necessary hours will increase blood sugar levels, which may make us more likely to suffer from this disease.

Ageing: Our body regenerates during the night, dead cells detach from the skin of our face and body, giving rise to new cells. So it is essential to wash your face thoroughly when you wake up. If we do not sleep the necessary hours due to insomnia, dark circles appear that make us look worse. If we do not sleep well usually these dark circles will become more present, and our face is more likely to age more quickly by not having that regenerative rest we all need. The skin is one of the organs that suffer the most from lack of sleep

Low defences: So that our body can be healthy enough to cope with the diseases and infections that stalk it, it needs to rest to recover the forces spent during the day. However, not sleeping cannot be loaded as you need, and the more days you spend without sleeping well, the more chances you have to get sick because your defences will be much lower than usual.

Tips to improve the quantity and quality of sleep

It is, therefore, evident that sleeping well is essential for our daily life and, above all, for our brain. Otherwise, we can suffer from many physical and psychological problems. Improving both the quantity and the quality of our sleep, we will be able to feel stronger and healthier to face all those challenges that arise.

These are some of the tips we give you to improve both the quantity and quality of sleep. Still, it is also convenient that you go to a sleep professional (such as a specialized doctor or a psychologist) as long as it gives you the essential keys to improve your rest and feel better about yourself.

Set aside electronic devices. 

It shows that watching television, exposing oneself to the screen of the mobile or computer just before going to sleep negatively affects the quality of our sleep. It may also make it difficult for us to reconcile it since we will be thinking about what we have just seen and will not let our body and our mind relax completely. Therefore, we should read a book or talk to someone before going to sleep. Electronic devices also make the light they affect our eyes and make it difficult for us to fall asleep.

The room temperature 

Whether it is very cold or boiling in your room, you will feel uncomfortable and cannot fall asleep. So, do not hesitate to change your clothes if you are cold or warm before going to bed and make sure that the temperature will not change in the middle of the night, which will make you wake up and cannot have a quality sleep and continued.

Stop taking caffeinated foods or stimulants. 

If you are a person who has difficulty falling asleep or does not rest well while you sleep, it is best to avoid stimulating food or drinks. Leave during a season of drinking queues, carbonated drinks, coffees and tea, you will surely notice the difference after a few days and feel that you rest better and for longer.

Adopt a sleep routine. 

Adopting a sleep routine can help us to learn to sleep better. Always go to bed at the same time and also get up on a regular schedule. Try to sleep until a little later at the weekend and wake up short by little. It’s okay that you let the holidays wake up naturally and without haste. If you have time, sleep between 5 and 20 minutes after eating, but no more because at night you will not be able to rest well and you will feel tired the rest of the afternoon. Finally, if you have a lot of difficulties falling asleep make sure that you are exhausted to sleep, do some physical exercise such as going for a run or to the gym so that both your body and your mind can completely relax.