What is a myth? It s a narrative or tale that plays an essential role in society — originally used to explain fables and history of times past and carried on to the present as “fundamental ideas” in different aspects of life.

What is a misconception? It is an opinion based on thinking or understanding that is not 100% correct. Some myths that stop you from succeeding are:

1- The “Talent” myth: We all have what it takes for success. Everyone has talents big and small. To believe you are not “Talented enough” to succeed is a self-limiting belief imposed by yourself or others. Be careful as it can affect your destiny.

2- The” If you do what other successful people have done” myth: You are unique and need to assert your individuality and style. Yes, you may learn from others, but never be a copy of someone else! Be strong! Be emphatic and forgiving, but the truth is that when you succeed, others will resent you and envy you. You cannot please everyone.

3- The “Money is not important” myth: Having all that our loved ones and we need, motivates us to achieve more in life. Money is like a measuring tape, and it shows how well we are doing by the rewards we receive for our work. It pushes us to do better and progress in life.

4- The “Riches before rags” myth: You recognize very wealthy people by their simplicity, and people that don’t have much, by their glamour in their efforts to “look” rich. The truth is the You may be putting the cart before the horse. Unless you are a model or in show business, you don’t need to glitter! You have heard of Bill Gates and his staff, or Steve Jobs samples of simplicity, plain and frugal styles.

5- The “Networking” myth: If you are continually attending dinner events and collecting name cards, you may feel like you are being “connected,” but the opposite may be exact. Solitude is better for critical thinking, creativity, and insight!

Great people are usually loners and have great perseverance and consistency of purpose. It is better to aim for quality rather than quantity, for building your selling and network marketing and get real results.

6-The “You need money to make money” myth: Again, to mention the biggest billionaire companies: Both Microsoft and Apple’s founders started in their garage and had little money when they started. Remember OPM (other people’s money). An ingenious entrepreneur using other people’s talents and money from the bank can build and develop a successful company. Start small and grow!

7- The “Higher education” myth: Sometimes too much education can hinder you! You become dogmatic. Unless you are in the market offering expertise in a particular field, you can take comfort, that many successful people started with little or no formal education. Like Mark McCormick said: “Degrees are not a substitute for common sense.” Vision and courage, on the other hand, are vital elements of success.

8- The “Hard work” myth: The quote: Work smarter, not harder is right on! We need to improve the value of time and performance! We should use technology, take every advantage life has to offer and find better and more innovative ways to produce more with less time and effort. Brute strength is past! Have the right priorities. Focus but keep the big picture in mind. Have a good balance.

And remember: We need to learn to love people and use things, rather than using people and loving things.

Zelda Fitzgerald.

Vitin Landivar