Life becomes a cakewalk when one is able to walk through any situation smoothly and happily. 

The two primary keys that help open any locked door in life are:

  1. ‘Adjust Everywhere’ and
  2. ‘Avoid Clashes’.

Life is nothing but a series of adjustments

From birth to death, you have to make adjustments. Whether you enjoy studying or not, you have to adjust and learn. Between parents and children, there are adjustments at every step of the way. Likewise, even for a happy married life, both husband and wife make so many adjustments in order to avoid conflicts. 

Conflicts occur because of differences in personalities. But if we instead adjust with understanding, there will be peace, and we will not bind any karma. If we do not adapt to the people around us, we will invite problems. Conflicts will continue to occur in life until we learn to adjust to others. Ultimately everyone has to adjust willingly or forcefully; then why not achieve adjustment through understanding. With the right understanding, we can prevent conflicts and find peace and happiness. 

This strategy of ‘Adjust everywhere’ is Param Pujya Dadashri’s master key, which opens up all doors in life. So, if we use this Gnani Purush Dadashri’s golden maxim ‘Adjust Everywhere’ and apply it in our life, then our everyday life will become beautiful.

The other master key is ‘Avoid clash’. 

If just this principle alone were to be absorbed in one’s life, then his daily life will be filled with peace and harmony. Besides, such a person will attain liberation without any obstacles. 

What happens when you walk around your house in the dark and you run into a wall? Are you going to kick the wall and shout, “Why did you come in my way? Get out of my way! This is my home!” No, instead, you wisely move about groping to find your way to the door because if you keep clashing with the wall, you will hurt yourself. 

A King too, when walking along a narrow street, will have to give way to a charging bull. Can he say to the bull, “Get out of the way, I am the King”? In such instances of inevitable injury, even a King of Kings would move out of the way of a charging bull because his aim is to avoid bashing into the bull and being injured. People who clash are like the wall or the bull. Therefore, if you want to avoid clashes, wisely move out of the way.

Thousands have experienced enlightenment by following this cardinal sentence of the Akram Vignani Pujya Dadashri. Their lives have been filled with peace and joy, and they have become pilgrims on the path of liberation. To attain such a state, all one has to do is, make a firm resolve to avoid clashes at all costs. ‘No matter how persistent the opponent may be, I will not clash with him or her.’ Merely this much resolve within a person will result in a spontaneous, inner intuitive approach, which will make his life perfect.

Sometimes, our intellect creates a lot of chaos within; it disturbs our work, makes us hurt others, and doesn’t let us live peacefully. Every person has intellect. Intellect is the light that comes through the medium of ego. This light can be used to complicate our lives and even for finding solutions; it is upto us! 

Here are a few tips for handling the intellect in the right way.

  • Use the intellect to resolve the issues at hand, and not to blame the people who created the problem.
  • Use the intellect to take the work ahead from the point where it got stalled.
  • Use the intellect to improve the situation from the point it is impaired.
  • Work together by complementing each other.
  • Do not see the faults of others. When we see faults in others, our negative vibrations reach them, and we get a reaction from them.

The above rules help in handling life like a cakewalk.

However, as long as we have an ego, the ego shall get hurt when insulted, may feel miserable when there is a loss of a loved one, or amidst severe health issues, or when some financial loss happens, etc. The ego gets attached to that which is favourable and gets hurt when something unfavourable occurs. However, there is a way to get permanent happiness; no situation then will lead us to suffering

When we know our ‘real’ Self, our ego becomes ‘zero’, hence no sorrow can touch us then. The best Realistic person is Gnani Purush, who has realized the real Self and can make us also realize the same. When we attain Self-Realization from Gnani, the Enlightened One, we too will be able to handle life like a cakewalk and make it perfect in all ways.