The process of becoming a great business leader comes with years of experience and effort. The main reason for it being a tedious task is creating as well as learning so many skills, that comes in the habit as a person grows and it creates its own slope of learning. A good business leader cannot think or work as a normal human being. Anything which they are planning should be done in accordance with their team, not just only themselves. So if you are into business and want to be a great leader like Bobby Genovese and others then do try the above general principles and give your business new heights of success. Bobby Genovese Barbados is a founder and also a chairman for BG Capital Group Ltd investment Arm. A good leader should also be committed to excellence and be always ready to make sacrifices for their employees. Most of the people don’t have any such virtue and they immediately disqualified for being a leader.

For a better and smooth running of a business, here are some points which you can implement.

Try out auto-payments:

Try putting out your payments on a payroll basis. As soon as your clients will make the payment, the more cash flow will be in and to run the business, it would be a little easier.

Make use of accounting software:

When you are running a small business and your staff strength isn’t also that much, it is more likely that you miss something while preparing your accounts. Along with running the business, if this happens, you just invited more trouble for yourself. It is wise to invest in any good accounting software and be tension free that you are missing something.

Be prepared for an emergency:

For small businesses, even smallest of the things can be considered as emergency situations. For example, the computer system stops, internet isn’t working, a family issue, etc. can be an emergency. You must stay prepared for it. Prepare the process chart for your team so that if you are on leave for some days, your business must not stop.

For a better business leader and improving on a daily basis, you must carry these 3 virtues:


It’s a must for every leader to believe and understand himself in the way that he, himself, should be aware of what and how his team will or may differ from his idea. This is one of the very crucial skills which a successful business leader must possess. If you haven’t believed in this, your business will never succeed. You should also promote the idea which your team suggests.


Some leaders have this habit of not telling the full truth to his/her employees, this is the first step in the start of your business demolishment. Also, to your clients, when you are not being totally honest, it affects your business and makes a huge dent in your reputation.


You become sensitive to others’ culture and beliefs in a very slow step-by-step process which comes naturally in you after the years of experience and efforts. You must have knowledge of your team’s culture and give equal importance to that as well and never try to show them that yours is superior and that’s only what will be celebrated in this place. This attitude will never get you your team’s loyalty.


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