Mental strength ensures a healthy approach to life that can bring forward the energy to tackle all problems. Though mental health witnesses’ numerous changes through every stage of life. 

Stress has now become a part and parcel of life which needs attention as per the negative and positive impact. Similarly, with every circumstance we put ourselves into, we tend to face some of the other issues groping our minds. This can result in numerous mental conditions which need care. 

But, today in this article, our mental well-being tips are for the ones who have lost someone special in their lives.


Now, don’t get us wrong. There is no specific right or wrong grieving methods for life. But there are healthy ways that could help you out of that circumstance soon. 

Let us understand the basics before jumping into the methods and tips. 

One of the natural responses to loss is grief. This emotional suffering can be dangerous for you because coping with it is the worst challenge to go through.

Any LOSS can cause grief. Such as

  • Loss of a close friend, acquaintance, family member, partner, and so on. 
  • Loss of your loving pet. 
  • Breakup or divorce.
  • Chronic illness of someone you love. 
  • Loss of your own health.
  • Losing a job/Financial instability for the long term.
  • Selling out something precious. Such as a family car, house, any favourite inanimate object.
  • Loss of a friendship.
  • Loss of a cherished dream/goal. 

And the list goes on. 

Any such circumstance can invite unnecessary pain and trouble in your life. 

There are various myths revolving around this condition which is worth looking at. A woke mind can tackle problems efficiently rather than the one who stands amidst the following myths. 


  • You aren’t sorry about the loss because you didn’t cry.
  • The pain shall fade effortlessly if you ignore it. 
  • Be STRONG in the face of loss. 
  • Moving on signifies that you forgot about the loss. 
  • The grieving period should be lasting for a year. 

The FACTS in terms of these myths are as follows:

  • Sadness is reflected through different actions which differ from person to person. So basically, you DO NOT have to cry for the sake of others. 
  • Ignoring the problem won’t make you strong and ready for the next phase of life. It is important to heal completely to begin again. 
  • Expressing your true feelings at any given time is the right thing you are doing for yourself. Don’t force a mask on yourself.
  • Acceptance and moving on goes hand in hand. And once you’ve mastered the coping technique, there is no turning back. But it does not signify that you forgot about the loss at all. Never be afraid of moving on with your life. 
  • There is no pre-determined grieving period as such. You can move on with your life as per your integrity and determination. Sometimes in few weeks while other times it could take years.

The 5 stages of grief are worth understanding. But, let us get our hands on the techniques as well for each stage of the same. 


It is extremely normal to deny what you are going through. In most cases, the first stage of grief is denial. And the only way to help yourself in this condition is to face all the feelings of yours. Suppressing is never an option. Rather acknowledging your own emotions can help you in a long run. 


Once the realization hits, you tend to be angry for being in this situation or for having something/someone putting you in this situation. The more you make yourself capable of dealing with grief, the better you can outgrow it. 

There are plenty of ways where you can un apologetically express your pain and anger. The best one is in a creative way. Creativity can help you deal with this emotion as a result of grief better. 


Bargaining with your own self or with the spirit you consider lord about bringing back their existence is a thing most people do. But this just doesn’t work. 

In such circumstances, you can prefer to buy a plant or anything that demands care and nurture, so that you spend less time overthinking and spend it effectively. 


This state is the most crucial to come out of. Here, it is important to communicate what you are feeling to someone or the other. It could even include a plant. It is also significant for you to not let others tell you what you should FEEL. Let the negativeness out of your surroundings. 

Understanding your grief triggers and dealing with them effectively is also necessary. Looking after your physical health is another way you can bring back mental well-being. 


By this stage, which doesn’t have an estimated period, you will accept it. In such circumstances, you can plan to gift yourself a cremation urn pendant that can help you restore all the memories. 

With this cremation urn pendant, you will also be able to carry it with you always. Slowly and steadily, you will learn to live back again by cherishing the memories well and good. 

If things go way too complicated for you to handle, you can always seek the help of professionals that can show you the right path.