With a full month and a week completed in the New Year and the New Year’s resolutions started, it is time to take a look at how things are going so far and just what we all might be avoiding or resisting.

Let’s travel down a path on a journey to visit a few things that come to mind we could be resisting which keeps us stuck in the same ole, same ole!

Health and Wellness

This category covers several things. Our diet, nutrition, and ways of eating. Are you avoiding eating your fruits and vegetables and hiding to eat “junk food?’ This also includes daily exercise to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Could you be resisting going to the Doctor for your yearly check-up to make sure you are okay? After all, your health should comes first. To achieve this, book a week or two at a Wellness Resort there are so many wonderful ones all over the world. Maybe book an appointment with a nutritionist or exercise trainer to help keep you on track.

Soul (Know Thyself)

Many people resist taking the time to work on themselves and getting to know who they really are. In order to do this you must be willing to work on healing and shedding those things in your life that no longer serve you. This requires you to do the work on you in order to transform your life. It requires you to accept that you need to change. The term “soul searching” comes into play as you go within through meditation to uncover the real you.


How many of you can say you take the time for your family? Do you fall into the category of a “Workaholic”? Many people put family on the back burner because they are stuck in “survival mode” or even worst “greed mode.” For the “survival mode,” you are stuck in fear and lack that there is never enough. For the “greed mode,” this leads you into withholding, ego, jealousy, and not wanting anyone else to have any. Those in your family that love you suffer greatly because you do not share your heart with them unconditionally. It is important to remember to breathe and take a look at the choices you are making and how it is affecting you life and your family’s life. Take the time to readjust.


This one is a biggie! Are you running away from mounds of debt unable to face it? Many are drowning and stuck in a place of fear, lack, and low self-esteem. The great fear here is stepping into your own empowerment. Take the time to sit down and face the music of your finances. They are not going to go away. Seek guidance from an expert to get advice and focus on peeling away 1 debt at a time. Eventually you will wake up one day and the light will shine on your achievement that you did it! That dark monkey  is off on your back! You then stand in a vibration of thriving and feeling the air around you clear.

By addressing these key items in your life and rising above them, you will realize you were empowered all along. You just didn’t allow yourself to see it or feel it. Getting to the other side of all of this brings you to a state of balance and harmony. After balance and harmony comes bliss. Isn’t this what we all want for each other’s lives? What a magnificent world we could live in if this was all of our lives. This is why supporting one another on this journey called “life” is so important. Remember to be that light for someone today and pay it forward.

JoAnn Kisler is an Empath with a Masters Degree in Metaphysics. She is an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Sound Energy Healer, and Meditator

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