What are you waiting for?

How long will you stand passively by?

Do you have the faintest idea what you’re waiting for?

As the planets slowly circle Mother Earth, repeating the cycles of night and day, do you understand what you are seeing around you? Do you question the subtle and not-so-subtle changes occurring in the fabric of our society? Is it yet time to begin asking questions, or will you continue to wait … for others to do that for you?

How long will you wait?

For many years, swathes of humanity have been carefully trained to accept instruction from the few and avoid the onerous task of thinking for themselves. We have largely been encouraged to enjoy the material world and pay little heed to the world of nature, and then blamed for her degradation.

The general avoidance by many of far reaching decisions does not support clarity, it merely avoids responsibility and commitment. Maybe it’s easier to stand in indecision, acquiesing to the subtle manipulations of others, even though inquiry is a tool available to any who care to reach for it. The many are easily persuaded to hand over their power because they simply don’t realise they have it. So let me remind you; your power is immense and stretches way beyond the self doubt that you hold as your true identity.

So I ask again, how long do you want to wait?

Will you wait until you awake with a start, feeling panic because you suddenly realise there are no more choices to be had?

There are actions to be taken if you wish to carve out your own part in the world that’s already being created, even as you take this breath. These actions begin at a fundamental level inside each and everyone of us and involve the law of Nature. That law runs intrinsically through the children of Mother Earth, and when we take time to listen through our own hearts, we will recognise our alignment with the beating heart of the Earth.

Now is the time to support the rebalancing of Nature, and listen to the messages that run through our hearts instead of through the media. It’s time to reach for the truth and to step forward AS ONE. Let us come together in resonance with this wider heart beat as we look into the eyes of our fellow men and women and meet the rhythm of their beating hearts, reaching out in togetherness.

It is time to stand and come together as one, to acknowledge the immense power that we as a people have across the world and create Unity through truth.