After releasing a video of her singing on Instagram, Esther Ruse was recognized for her talent and has since become a recording artist who has amassed a million views between her two songs, Spicy and Pourin, among other accomplishments. 

“I never had the guts to make a singing account until the first lockdown. I was bored one day and decided to post a couple of videos and it wasn’t long after that my manager found me on Instagram. Fast forward to now and we’ve had radio play, a million views on my YouTube channel, Apple music playlist spots, and three successful singles,” she said. 

But being an up-and-coming artist isn’t always full of glitz and glamour–there are also challenges that come along with it. Here’s how Esther deals with them. 

Finding a Happy Place 

When dealing with stress, Esther believes that going to her happy place and enjoying time there can give her the boost that she needs to face a new day. 

“I think everyone has their happy place and it’s important to give yourself time and that one hour or even 10 minutes to breathe. For me, that’s being in bed with a cup of tea. If I have that to myself every day, it makes so much difference to my mindset,” she said. 

Being focused and eliminating distractions is also one of the ways that Esther achieves her goals no matter how big they may be. 

“I think recognizing when enough is enough too. I get really stuck in my phone because that’s where a lot of my work is. Parenting yourself and knowing when it’s time to have a break is super important,” she added. 

Having a Support System 

Should things become stressful for Esther, she has found a support system in the people around her whom she trusts. 

“If I come up against something I always confide in the people I trust most, so for me, that’s my family or my manager. They know I’m a super stressy person so I’m comfortably freaking out in front of them,” she admitted. 

She added that having a second to throw a tantrum is kind of healthy and can provide a moment to clear your head, pick yourself up after, and try to take on the situation from a different angle.

Esther grew up in the English countryside where her love for music started from a young age. Her parents played artists like Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and Lauryn Hill who became massive icons for Esther and eventually influenced a lot of her work. 

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