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Everyone wants to be successful these days but how many are really aware of the price tag entrepreneurship comes with ? What is needed would make a long list but let’s just start from a simple yet fundamental requirement: hard work. As you’ll find out while reading this article in full, working harder than anybody else is considered the foundation of success according to Bav Majithia, a serial entrepreneur from the UK. Having been through rough circumstances, Bav understands exactly what is needed to succeed in today’s modern economy. As a founder and investor of copious businesses, Bav is determined to help others achieve their dreams as he remarkably did!

Bav Majithia’s Humble Beginnings

Bav Majithia always had a resilient nature. He was prepared to face any circumstance no matter how challenging it may be. To exemplify, as a young child, while many kids traveled abroad during their summer holidays, Bav did not enjoy that luxury. Instead, he contributed his time and hard work towards helping around his parents’ traditional convenient store in Wigston, UK.

When it came to the formal educational system, Bav enjoyed its social aspects as well as learning Information Technology. Upon realizing IT contained too many technical details, he realized it was not meant for him. He carried this approach with him to college, while he did his best to pursue academics, he also enjoyed the independence of earning his very own income. So, at only 21 years old, Bav Majithia courageously headed to the city of London to pursue a career.

Bav’s early career was not immediately the fanciest. He worked in the telecom industry and perceived his career more of a promise rather than a certainty. He even experienced sleeping on the floor during those days, not realizing he was going to a millionaire soon enough.

How Bav Majithia Gained Recognition

It is not always easy to make big decisions, let alone risks. However, with Bav’s determination and hard work, he knew he was going to make it.

During Bav’s career in the telecom industry, he learned a lot. He was able to equip himself with various selling techniques, management skills, and most importantly, how to motivate staff. According to Bav, business isn’t always about the monetary rewards – one of his greatest lessons was instilling a sense of loyalty into staff which provides rewards in the long run.

Bav Majithia’s career allowed him to prove his skills to the world. In one of the first companies Bav worked for, he astonishingly improved sales turnovers for the company from selling 40 phones a day to 1,000 phones a day. A positive significant difference of 960 phones! Similarly, at another job, Bav was able to improve annual sales revenue from £2 million to £18 million, a valuable difference of £16 million.

Once Bav Majithia recognizes that he had proved himself, and has gained a wide network of connections in the process, he is then ready to move on to greater opportunities.

Bav’s Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Bav Majithia’s concrete successes prove that he is usually the most hardworking person in the room. He possesses a firm passion for learning and challenges and encourages others to do so as well. Bav’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to ensure that they are prepared to work harder than anyone else and commitment is something that needs to be pushed.

Just like how Bav once was, he bravely faced any challenges that came before him, and persistently worked hard to achieve success. Bav also follows a strict methodical, logical, and process-driven approach to all aspects of his business, whether it involves managing a team or refining processes to fit business needs.

Bav’s Future Goals

Bav Majithia aims to continue his pursuit of numerous investments and properties. Even while Bav is currently Director for Creative Powerhouse, Visual Muse, a company that brings brands to life with striking content that outperforms competitors. Recently, Bav also signed on the dotted line with BrandChests – a Digital Marketing Company specializing in bringing brands together with talent and retailers, to combine the services and capabilities of Visual Muse and take the journey to the next level. All in all, Bav is consistently on the lookout for new companies to be a part of, that can benefit from his skills and renowned experience.

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