If you already use a moisturizer, you may wonder why you would add a hydrating serum. Youthful appearances can be difficult to preserve over time. Your daily skincare regimen might have to be adjusted over time.  

What is a Serum?

While serums also provide moisture to the skin, they differ in their consistency and purpose. Serums are thin, viscous skincare formulations made with concentratxed active ingredients. Many serums aim to provide moisture for healthy skin. Their thin consistency allows the powerful ingredients to be more readily absorbed by your skin.

Many serums are specially formulated to encourage the skin to support its moisture levels. One of the most popular types of skin serums is a moisturizing serum. These types of serums are designed to promote a smooth, youthful appearance. Concentrated ingredients maintain healthy skin barriers and maximum moisturization. 

Why Do You Need a Face Serum for Youthful-Looking Skin?

Excessive sun exposure, poor beverage choices, and an inadequate skincare routine can all contribute to less than lustrous skin. When your skin is dehydrated, it can dull your youthful glow. For the most radiant-looking skin, it’s important to keep it hydrated and nourished. Face serum products that encourage moisture can also help to sustain the skin’s elasticity and firmness, another quality of healthy-looking skin.

Moisturized skin is the foundation for youthful-looking skin. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep yourself well-hydrated if you want to appear as though you discovered the Fountain of Youth. In addition to protecting your skin with sunscreen and drinking plenty of pure water, one of the most significant ways to maintain healthy, hydrated skin is with a high-quality hydrating serum.

How to Choose the Right Face Serum

When choosing skincare products, the first part to consider is the ingredient list. Many products are made with harsh ingredients that can do more harm to your skin than good, causing irritation and further dryness. You need carefully formulated products that contain ingredients supporting a youthful appearance, yet won’t damage your skin’s barrier in the process.

Southernwood Extract

Southernwood is a flowering plant that was used as an herbal medicine in the Middle Ages. It has a variety of uses. Some have found that it supports healthy, vibrant skin. 

Coffee Seed Extract

In addition to perking you up in the morning, coffee leads to a perked-up complexion. Coffee seed extract helps to promote radiant, healthy-looking skin. 


You may have heard of peptides in skincare product advertisements, but may not know what they are or how they benefit your skin. Basically, peptides are naturally occurring amino acids that help support healthy collagen production. For this reason, they are a very popular ingredient in anti-aging serums. 

Boost Your Skin’s Radiance with Celavive Vitalizing Serum

Celavive Vitalizing Serum is made with all skin types in mind so everyone can nourish their radiant, youthful-looking skin. This powerful serum contains no harsh alcohol or irritating parabens, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin. For a healthy, youthful complexion, you need to hydrate in order to maintain your naturally strong skin barrier. 

To support your skin’s barrier, the Cell Signaling Complex in Celavive Vitalizing Serum promotes healthy moisture levels. This unique complex contains key skin-loving ingredients including southernwood extract, coffee seed extract, and peptides. Adding Celavive Vitalizing Serum to your daily skincare regimen can help you maintain your fresh, youthful appearance.