What are you doing that no longer serves the purpose that it might have at one time? Do you continue it out of habit, a fear change, or a sense of “obligation” or belief others think you’re supposed to be doing it? 

I’ve recently come to the realization that there are some things that I’ve been doing in my life that it’s time to let go of. It’s been a sort of gradual realization, whispers of my soul that have grown louder, waking me up, although I couldn’t figure out what was being whispered to me. Many of us have things that we do that no longer serve the purpose that they might have at one time and now are only done out of a habit, a fear of change, a sense of “obligation,” or fulfilling what we believe others think we’re supposed to be doing. These things might have started out being great additions to our lives, adding joy, but time changes everything….and that’s really not a bad thing, it’s just a fact. When we give ourselves permission to change with the time, take a slight turn along our path, rather than doing everything the same way over and over again, it can feel like relief, as if a heavy weight has just been removed from our shoulders. For me, these are not big changes right now, although I’ve made some very big changes at times in my life that were the best choices I could have made. But those minor “obligations” or habits that no longer feel right can cause major stress for us without our even noticing, chipping away at our joy, vitality, and passion. This is like Marie Kondo’s cleaning house advice, except it’s about cleaning house within ourselves. “If it doesn’t spark joy,….” then, perhaps, it’s outlived its purpose and we can stop doing those habitual behaviors in order to make room for more joy, passion, and our true purpose. Ahhhh, let the sun shine in!

In Peace & Joy,

Dr. Mara

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