Life after pandemic

2020 has been a stressful year for all of us. It was the year that changed the way we live. We may think when Covid-19 eases and everyone gets vaccinated then we will live our normal life. But there are many changes happened due to pandemic will stay and grow to make our lives better.
I have listed some of the important pandemic changes that are here to stay.

Push to Cashless Economy

Many developed countries were trying to make their economy more and more cashless even before the pandemic like Sweden has to plan to go cashless by 2023 while underdeveloped countries could only imagine having an intangible financial system because of their poor IT infrastructure and technological illiteracy.

Pandemic has given a boost to the developed countries’ plan towards a cashless economy that is definitely going to stay post COVID-19. Underdeveloped countries were also pushed to experiment glimpse of the cashless economy and it built their confidence to make plans for a cashless economy.

Online Shopping Became New Normal

Online shopping growth was increasing rapidly before COVID-19. Still many people preferred offline shopping, due to the following reasons; some people thought things in the online stores are expensive while some were hesitant of buying products without physical experience.

Pandemic forced those people towards online shopping who would have never made virtual shopping if COVID-19 didn’t happen.  Fear of getting infected has shifted offline buyers to online. As we know many people once start buying from online stores they become habitual of this buying behavior specially if their first purchase is from brands who prioritize customer satisfaction like Adidas, FitFlop, FJackets, and other known brands.

World with Remote Workers

Most businesses thought of having virtual employees to decrease their expenditures but they were not ready to take risk of shifting employment to the virtual office environment. Pandemic has forced them to take this risk of working from home.

When COVID-19 will be over, most businesses will stay virtual because they experienced cost-cutting and they are already trying a hybrid work model which will become a trend after the pandemic.

Turning to Environment Friendly

With all of the changes, we have become environment friendly. If you remember in 2020 due to restrictions of going out of home in many cities resulted in a decrease in fuel price because of lack of consumption.

As I mentioned in previous points about remote working and cashless economies are becoming a trend. These changes along with many others will be great for the environment. Many people also started planting trees because of COVID-19 they realized the importance of a clean environment.

General Changes in Our Life

Even when COVID-19 will be over some people will still keep wearing masks it can save them from other illnesses too and kids with minor flue will have to wear a mask in school it will result in fewer kids absent from school because of the illness.

Working and studying virtually will be new normal. Young students and employees will reject traditional routines for flexibility which will result in maximum output.

Virtual Lifestyle

As we have seen many people during the pandemic were consulting with doctors virtually and taking online yoga sessions. These things will stay and the integration of AI-based products like augmented reality or virtual reality will minimize the difficulties that we face because of the distance.