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There are certain careers that require specific facilities and means both for their development and for their study. This is the case of musical studies, where their participants cannot and should not settle for a space to sleep and another to study. Your daily tasks require, for example, rehearsal rooms where you can practice without bothering or being disturbed. That is why a residence for music students has peculiarities that do not have a flat or a residence for students in general. 

On the other hand, musical studies do not start or end with an adequate rehearsal room. What do I need to dedicate myself to music professionally? Speedy Essay

A residence for music students

We have already announced it: it is not the same to study a career where everything we can ask for the study is an optimal space, then other careers such as architecture, design, plastic arts or music where we need a place to put into practice everything we learn and develop our creativity with the specific tools.

For this, it is vital to have a residence that has specific means for this type of careers and not general. A study room is tremendously useful in a residence, but it is not everything for a musician who asks to be able to reproduce his art without creating inconveniences to other students or being limited.

A soundproof room

For this, the most basic thing is to have a soundproof room, which allows you to play any instrument or piece of music without the sound disturbing the rest of the students, so that not only no discomfort or the calm of a first-class residence does not occur. see threatened, but that the musician feels comfortable when interpreting a piece of music without fear of challenge and with a predisposition to practice as much as he needs.

Do not confuse the popular imagery that movies and television have presented us: a soundproof room is not a room with rough walls simply: elements that improve the acoustics as adjustable panels make the difference between a residence for music students and a residence that cares for the needs of music students.

Reproduction and recording elements

What would it be like in a music room without musical instruments? Having spaces to be able to leave the instruments safely is vital not only for the convenience of the music student but also for its practicality since it is not the same to carry a violin with a cello. In addition, have the means to leave the instruments in this room, such as lockers and restricted access, free of temptations when using the instrument in another place not prepared for musical study, optimizing time and use of the room.

In addition, the music student needs a mixer or recording not only to make compositions if he so wishes, but also to be able to record the sound of his practice, since this way, he can verify factors that can escape from first to ear as the tone, scale or notes to perfect it.

A city with a wide musical culture

On more than one occasion we have insisted on the importance of the environment for academic and personal development. A city like London provides a cultural richness with respect to music that can nourish the student. It is difficult to find a single day where there is no concert or show of any musical theme. Not to mention facilities and first class spaces such as the Lieu, the Palau de la Musical, the Auditoria, Palau Sant Jordi and a long list of concert halls and venues where we can soak up the cultural richness of music or, who knows, star in our own short-term show.