There is a chance that what you fear the most will be exactly what creeps into your life.

Most people aren’t trained to see past their struggles. I mean that’s where we live isn’t it? How many people love watching ‘struggle street shows’ or classify themselves as “School of Hard Knocks” people.

We, as a society, reward the idea of people who are struggling through life – in theory. 

Often it’s something we aspire to! Being happy with not much, not wanting to own new things, not upsetting the apple-cart, keeping things nice a smooth, not aspiring to achieve much and being just happy being.the.same.

I’ve also done this and you know what? It’s crap!

During my career as a Natural Therapist so many people have asked me why I charge at all! Since I had a gift – I should share it with everyone and not charge. As if money is dirty?

I would fear that I was ‘breaking the code’ that people wouldn’t like me or value my work if I charged.

This would lead me to question my integrity and “gifts”. But one day, because I like to experiment a little, I put my prices up and… one left….in fact people were more than happy for the increase.

I still did the occasional cheapie. One in particular I remember was for an older man who had fought in one of the wars – way back, but couldn’t get a discount through any Physio’s etc. I offered him a deal of $30 for 3 treatments as long as he promised to come every week. He did – he fixed and was so thankful.

When it came down to it – I was raising a large family and was the only earner, so what was I thinking? My goal was to make enough money to feed us all, pay the bills and go to the beach.

If this goal was reached, what’s next?  Should I set another smaller goal or fear what might go wrong if I set a really big goal? So – I set a big goal…..and it came to be – of course it did!!!

 Although we often think fears come from a failure of some kind, sometimes we can fear being successful as well.

Our deepest fear may not be because we don’t feel good enough to achieve it…..
It may be because we know – deep in our heart that we really do receive what we ask for.

It’s this realisation that can make us freeze and go back into our shell – or be in awe of what’s possible – and a little excited.

Whatever situation you find yourself in now – good or bad – regarding your health, finances, fitness, relationships, friends, career, home environment or happiness,  you – at some stage have thought about what you wanted, felt it at a deep level and – it’s happened.

The future is yours – and yours entirely.
If you fear the worst, the fact that you are thinking about it, losing sleep over it and worrying about it –  is being projected into your life – right now.

Worrying is praying for the stuff or situations you don’t want.

Who are you to not be happy, healthy, fearless, brilliant and gorgeous?

To serve yourself and your family – be BIG!

Expand your possibilities, think on all the things you’ve done – how you’ve already proven you can make stuff happen.
You live in a house – yeah?
You own a car – yeh?
You can drive it?
Have clothes to wear, food, money in the bank, family – all these things, successful or not came to be because you knew you’d have them and succeed at doing them – or not.

What things, places, dreams do you have that are frustrating you?
Do you feel lacking? Not good enough? Fearful? Not sure how to get it or who to get it from?

Focusing on being grateful for every little thing that comes your way might sound a little hinky – but heck…’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done!! Being grateful for what appears to be uncomfortable very quickly reveals itself to be a non-event. The discomfort is a figment of our extremely creative imagination that controls us – if we let it.

Try being grateful for something that is really bugging you – feel it – allow the gratitude to be a part of you – and just watch the angst simply dissolve.

Is feeling amazing something you are comfortable with?

Small things happen that can make this real for you – embrace them.